From bed to Madaba

January 14th, 2006

Well… we don’t have money, and we are sick of spending the Eid at home. Me and my wife decided to pick up the car and go south outside Amman. We found our selves in Madaba. 24 Km south from Amman, this small and calm city is located.

We drove through the city until we reach the visitors center. We parked there and walked to the information counter. We found two young men who gladly answered our questions and showed us a map for Madaba, and told us where and how to go. This was not the first time for me to visit Madaba, but it was the first for my wife. Anyway we left the center and walked through the old city. First we were looking for somewhere to find batteries for my cam. A few meters away and here it is. We bought batteries and continued our journey.

While I was walking, I just felt a flavor of Jabal Amman. But yet the stones of Madaba are telling you much older memories, an ancient history and a religious dialogue between civilizations. I felt Orange… warm stones in a cold winter… peaceful and kind people who gladly help you when you ask for something.

For a 25 piastres each we entered Madaba’s archeological park, we walked through walls and flours full of stories and history. We were alone, listing to the silence of Mosaics, a sound of holy rituals happened long time ago.

After this short walk we’ve decided to buy something from the shops around, to treasure the memory of our visit. But yet we don’t want to spend so much money. We found that the good mosaic artworks are expensive, instead we bough a very nice vessel. And while we looking around, we were tempted to bay an Arabic rug. The rugs are so beautiful. You can find Arabic, wool and silk rugs. The prices vary from 30 JD up to thousands. At this time you can get a very good discount on all rugs. The market is down and the sellers are so frustrated, they just want to sell anything. Unfortunately, buying a rug was not included in the budget. So we went back.

We’ve got tiered from walking. My wife kept nagging that she wants to go “7aret Ejdodna” restaurant. “golna ma 3aleena e6boshha ya walad”. We went there and sat near the fireplace… it was really nice feeling and we stayed there for hours just because we don’t wanna leave the fireplace.

After a very emotional goodbye moment with the fireplace we left the restaurant and head back to Amman… we were so happy and we thanked GOD that we left Amman for one day.

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6 Responses to “From bed to Madaba”

  1. Abdelstar alslimat Says:

    My home town,the city with love,haret jododona good choice.

  2. Khalidah Says:

    neyalkom … I need to take this trip myself .. you really encouraged me to take this seriously so I will make the time and go

    Happy Eid

  3. Lina Says:

    Madaba is my parents’ hometown and a dear place to my heart :) glad you enjoyed it! We did this last Eid; went for a drive south and it took us all the way to Kerak… it was a very interesting, relaxingm and enjoyable day trip!

    Oh and by the way, Haret Jdoudna is the house where my maternal grandma grew up!

  4. bilotee Says:

    you did yourself a great favor, a change of scenery is never a bad idea. thank you for sharing the photographs.

  5. Keefieboy Says:

    We spent several days in Madaba during our holiday from Dubai. And an awful lot of time the car park of Haret Jdoudna - it was the only place we could reliably find!

  6. nana Says:

    i think ur holiday was realy nice and u enjoyed ur time now it`s (3ed ala9`7a) and i`m stil in my pejams :(

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