It was so amazing to see this note written on one of Jabal Al Hussien walls. But the most interesting thing was the sight on the floor next to that wall, a big piece of shit laying on the floor, dark and dry.


Conclusion: People agreed to the note and stopped pissing, but they started to have solid shit instead…

Moral: You should add to the note, please DO NOT PISS or HAVE SHIT.

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9 Responses to “Ya shabab.. No pissing please”

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    yel3an el garaf 3ala hal el sobo7!!!
    thx for the share anyway

  2. Heba Says:

    I was having my breakfast while checking your blog.
    So you can imagine how I feel towards my bowl of cereal right now! Great way to provoke dieting!

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Asfeen ya ekhwan.. 7agko 3aleena..

  4. Tololy Says:

    This is what happens when public restrooms are either filthy as shit or non-existent. Add to that public filthiness and you get that nice little present you blogged about.

  5. Tololy Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that I once found a whole cake of shit complete with flies and everything at a VERY clean park in New York. There were clean restrooms there. Not sure why the person decided to “take it outside.” I’ll send you the picture if I can find it.

  6. Hareega Says:

    Tololy , I believe you, no matter what happens don’t post this pciture on your blog :)

    however any topics about farting would be great

  7. Maher Says:

    Thank God i finished eating before seeing this lol

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Tololy: as they always say “shits happens” ;)

  9. Maher Jilani Says:

    HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! you captured “SHITTT”???? you actually went inside that place and captured SHITT?

    and i thought i was crazy! LMFAO MAAN!!

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