Sha3teely has his natural urge when he was at Souq Jara. So he went straight ahead to that public school “Shukri Sha’asha’a” looking for a restroom. Ok, He was shocked.

A flash back memory came to my mind when I was at that public school. I had the worst experience you’ve ever imagined. I had to study in a school where the ministry of education had to rent two apartments above a carpentry shop and car workshop for us. The apartments were not finished yet. No electricity paints or doors. a farmland was our playground and a kitchen was my classroom. That was not a jock. This was 100% true story, and I lived it.



But when I went through that school and saw the condition of the rooms and students’ desks. I was shocked. Why? Because for the last 10 years I was always hearing big ambitious words like “e-learning, computer labs and enhancement programs for education” and we still have this crappy-conditioned schools. Our government claims that we have good public school. We claim that we have good education system. And I say this is all carp. Let’s be real and true to ourselves. This is a public school in a very good condition neighborhood and pretty much modern building. But the school inside looks like a person. Who teaches those kids? MICHAEL SCOFIELD?



I think the second person to blame “ After the government” is the principle of that school. I think we should hang him in the middle of Souq Jara. A good principle could turn this person into a real educational institution. Does he care about his school kids?

I would love to see the organizer of Souq Jara do some positive social role on this and donate some money to fix the condition of this school. I think the business of Souq Jara has a social responsibility towered its neighbors if this business seeks sustainability and success.

People… we have a really crappy and very expensive education system…

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8 Responses to “What you see and ignore in Souq Jara”

  1. amjad Says:

    ballahi ya 3attili!!! giving an impression that the the idea of a crappy educational system here in Jordan crossed your mind just when you went to Jara.And now you are calling for the organizers of this lousy greedy business of Jara to fix the problem.Come on man..kteer hek.

  2. Amjad Says:

    By the way Sha3teely me too studied in Shukri Sha’sha’a.But the time i was there,it was nothing like the photos you showed here.If this is the way it looks now makes feel real sorry for it.

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Amjad: What triggered this subject…is me entering this public school… it’s been almost 20 years since I entered such public school. I thought things would be different… I thought in 2008 we would have decent school rooms.. but the fact that we still have such schools like this today is a bit shocking to me and I had this strong urge to talk about it. Maybe I am not being realistic.. but lets talk about it.

    If our government cannot handle such things like this.. i think we should take a positive initiative and take a role in fixing it.

    I don’t want to accuse anyone of being greedy.. but if my message made a positive effect on those people and made them do something that would be great.. otherwise ill keep talking about the whole problem for all schools

  4. amjad Says:

    Well Wael i might have been a little bit aggressive in my comment but rather i’ve meant to be ironic.Coz i think such a big issue should be the main concern of the students,their families and the staff working in “Shukri” first place and should not be left to the good will of the organizers of a pass-by event or some kind of a miracle to happen.Coz such kind of a passive attitude is deeply rooted in our culture to my great sorrow.But of course you have raised a good issue here and “let the candle”.
    Actually i thought of taking the issue further
    from here,like if we could build some community around those public schools like “Alumni” or creating a society “jam3ye”,that cares for the well being of public-schools buildings..etc.
    Well man give it some creative thinking.You are creative enough..and I like your cartoons by the way..”u ya 5uk wal3a” :-))))

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Wallah ya Amjad your Idea khasshat edma3′i

  6. Tareq Says:

    Wael, What a story man!
    well, i think that some hidden people in the private schools system who are ccross-linked with the system of the public teaching got a HUGE interest in keeping the whole situation like that…
    When i know and see that the school is like a prison, i will HAPPILY pay 1500 JD for my son or daughter’s education at a private school,, i’d rather go in debt and my son doesn’t go to that Shit-hole!
    I guess the big guys up there in ministry of education have no idea what you are talking about, and WORSE if they had!

  7. Shaden Says:

    I’ve been to one of those crappy schools myself in Jabal El-Nozha. And yea now that you mentioned it, I remember studying in a kitchen straight out of a horror movie but I haven’t been to any of those schools recently so I hope that things changed :S

  8. amjad Says:

    That’s cool Wael let’s not just talk and get to business.Actually I had a cool idea some time ago related to buildings in general.I think you might like it even more.So let’s meet and discuss things all over.You have my email embedded i think.

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