One of my favorite video sites is now unavailable for Jordan. Due to copyright issues now are closing there services in some regions.

Although I am going to miss this site, but i think this is good for ikbis business and other local video sites.

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6 Responses to “Veoh is no longer available for Jordan”

  1. ASKAdenia Says:

    try these progs that make u access the sites with different IP address. so u can access all there services like visitors from USA..

  2. Maher Says:

    No Veoh?!! tb did they state why?

  3. amer Says:

    no u can buddy
    just type on your browser
    you will find below
    enter we address
    now you are now as a user from us not jordan
    u can open the website
    Enjoy(fee3) ;)

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    Thanks man..emgalle3

  5. amer Says:

    u welcome ant time

  6. amer Says:

    u welcome buddy
    u can visit
    to open any block website

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