Ground Zero is a new show created by two amazing and talented guys, Mike Derderian and Mohammed Jaradat. The show has three segments:

1- “Doblaj” My favorite part.
2- Lost in translation
3- Pirates of down town Amman

Anyway i think this show is going to be a kick ass. I really enjoy every minute of it. I am glade to know the guys behind this show and lets not forget George, the man who helped this show become true…

Don’t miss this new channel on ikbis

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4 Responses to “Ikbis launches it’s first comedy channel “Ground Zero””

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    does anybody know who did the intro animation? it really rocks
    thx for the share

  2. za3tar Says:

    I just saw it .. it was very funny. Although i was a bit surprised that it was mostly in English (for the last 2 segments)

  3. طارق Says:

    المشكلة انو الباندويدث (عرض النطاق) تبع الويبسايت “اكبس” كتير ضعيف، يعني الوصل معاهم بطيء جدا

  4. Omar Says:

    Ya shabab the person who did the intro is actually wael!! It’s a great job and proves how much of a talented guy he is. Hope to see more of your work :)

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