I am now sitting in one of the Wakalat street restaurants and enjoying the nice wether and the free internet connection.

By he way guys, Amman is very internet friendly city. there are lots of free wireless internet connection not like Dubai where you have to pay everywhere and anytime you need an internet connection.

Nice weather and free wireless connection are two things we should be proud of.

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4 Responses to “Good weather and free internet. We are blessed”

  1. super devoika Says:

    and beautiful lil’ kids… =)

  2. zmano Says:

    sure … u r 100% right ..
    i’m here in UAE and suffering of hot wet weather …
    god bless ouur home …

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Yes indeed Super Devoika; thanks :)

  4. ash Says:

    بس اهم شي انك setting مش sit

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