After a long time of being a pc user, Sha3teely now is converting to Mac. I’ve just got a new Mac Book pro 17inch with 4 GB RAM and a new iphone..

Now I became iSha3teely. But I had lots of problems all the way. For example

- I had a hard time to get my contact into my iphone but it ended.
- Still having hard time to get my mail from outlook.
- Still having hard time without Arabic Keyboard.
- Still having hard time to find a replacement for a good information architecture software like Axure .
- I am still slow and need lots of time to learn the tricks of Mac OS system
- I need lots of time to organize my files and work.

But at the end of day I am still using both a pc and Mac laptops. I can manage my self for the time being.


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7 Responses to “Sha3teely in transformation”

  1. Falastini Hurr Says:

    إفرح واتنهى ياعم. ايه …نيالك

  2. محمد بشير Says:

    congratulations ,,

    Welcome to the club :)

  3. Yazan Says:

    It’s a very great step you’re making.. wishing you all the best..

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    thanks guys :)

  5. Mohamed Says:

    wallahe congrats and i wish you have waited untill the new 3G iphone gets released by the end of this month:)

  6. dania Says:

    congrats ya 3me tthana

  7. Nour Says:

    iSha3teely, welcome to a world of healthiness and beauty! Once you’ve started getting along with you new Mac, you will never even think of getting back to your old PC again. PC sucks and I say it OUT LOUD..
    Here is a good link for you
    www . mactricksandtips . com


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