The rest of the title would: otherwise you are not a Jordanian company




After their good gesture to sponsor painting hundreds of old Amman’s houses, National Paints could not hold their creativity of messing things up by spreading hundreds of ugly billboards all over the streets.

Come on guys, why did you do that!! I think it’s time for National Paint’s to hire a good design and branding agency. I don’t mind spreading billboards all over the place, but please don’t make it ugly like this!!!

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2 Responses to “If you do something good, don’t forget to mess it up!!”

  1. ana Says:

    mess* it up ;)

  2. dania Says:

    mmmm zman ma sgoft eshwar3 fe amman
    cuz tool w2te fe elmfraq
    bs this advertisement is sooooo ugly to

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