I was driving this morning to work through Queen Rania’s st. usually in the morning this road is jammed and cars crossing lines all the way. But today it was somehow different. The Municipality has repainted all road lines. You can clearly see the white doted lines between lanes and the long yellow strips on the sides. [See the photo above] I just felt that most of cars are following the lines and almost none of the cars are out of its lane. Usually I see some cars driving on top of the line and taking two lines at the same time. Today, although the street was full of cars, but I was driving smoothly and taking pictures.

Because of having a clear white lines, people were able to stick into there lanes. Even if they want to change a lane, they were doing it in the right way. This tells me that bad driving in Amman is not only the fault of driving teachers. But it’s also due to the bad condition of roads and the undersign traffic system which we have.

These yellow and white lines are part of a complete signage system which all roads must be equipped with, to insure better driving experience. Increasing the ticket price will not make us better drivers. Having a well designed roads with a proper signage system and good law enforcement will help us be better drivers and reduce the number of accidents on roads.

To have good conditioned roads, you need to find a constant source of income. The better source you can get is the source which comes from the system it self. Traffic ticket income should be back to the circle of this system and should fund the process of fixing and maintaining roads. “Maybe this is the case!”

To ensure a well designed road:
- DON’T MAKE DRIVERS GUESS OR IMPROVISE. This will lead to mistakes and mistakes leads to accidents, traffic jams or stressful driving. This usually happens because sings are not clear or roads are full of surprises such as the absence of buses and taxi’s stop areas, road pumps… etc.

- REMOVE ALL DISTRACTIONS: therefore I strongly recommend removing all advertising mubis from roads.

- MONITOR: Putting a camera in a place where everyone can see or pulling a patrol car under a tree is not a proper monitoring. There should be moving police vehicles that take action instantly to give the feeling for driving of being monitored all the time.

I would love to see a pilot project to prove my theory. Take for example Queens Rania St., it’s one of the most dangerous road inside the city, one of the highest streets in car accidents. What will happen if we take this road as a pilot project for six months only? Fixing every inch in the road, making sure all lines are clear and repainted, proper road signs, all road fixtures are available, traffic and movement are studied and designed. And let’s count the number of accidents, cost and benefits in the long run and see how much we were able to change this road from being the most dangerous street into the most pleasurable and safest road in Amman.

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4 Responses to “Well designed roads make you a better driver!”

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    I hear you man

  2. kinzi Says:

    Agreed. I feel like I have been griping about lines on the roads forever. I will do anything to avoid that particular street, also.

    (PS: it is ‘Well’ designed roads, not ‘Good’. I’m not usually a stickler for grammar, but it’s the post title :D)

  3. Ali Says:

    You are 100% right, there is something called “The Tipping Point” where human behaviour is simply affected by small things. In one of the poor neighborhoods NYC, the area was always neglected and had damaged street lamps, seats, full of garbage etc. and each time the city does fix it, it gets ruined the next day, but when the city painted the walls, put garbage bins, fixed the lights, people started caring baout keeping the neighborhood clean and changed their behaviour. The same can happen on our roads, we can’t just blame teh drivers when we have poor road structers, no lines, no pavements, poor lighting, and almost no road lines

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you kinzi.. ill fix it

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