I am not going to tell you where this artwork is. Simply because once you’re there, you can’t miss it. I also would like from you to guess where!

I can’t call it graphite and I don’t know the artist or who is behind it, but this huge aggressive wall is going to change and become a piece of urban art. Actually I love to see more of these walls in Amman. We have a lot of ugly walls that can be used for art.

Let’s wait and see

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15 Responses to “Have you seen this wall in the city?”

  1. lolo Says:

    it’s very nice idea i like it so much, our dead city needs more and more arts to become alive.

  2. Isam Says:

    somewhere near Al-hussien Park ??? maybe Gardens ma3 el madeeneh el tebeyye ?

  3. Onzlo Says:

    It looks like the Radisson SAS, and it seems really cool, we need much more urban art like this! Does it have anything to do with comemoration of the bombings or something?

  4. ياسمين حميد Says:

    yes you are right, it isn’t graffiti. At least not the usual type.

  5. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    where is this?
    thx for the share man

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Onzlo: you are right, its the wall or Radisson SAS

  7. omar Says:

    it’s obvious who the artist is, and you can tell from the trademark Owl-drawing.

    Rima Malallah, the owner of the “Love on a Bike” store in Jabal Amman, here’s the website:

    Nicely done, can’t wait to see it coloured and all! I’m happy Jordan’s appreciating some art display in the streets rather than just commercial ads! lol

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you Omar, you are an art encyclopedia…

  9. ayah Says:

    It is Rima Malallah, you can tell from the owl :)
    she’s got a nice gallery in jabal amman..

  10. Yazan Says:

    Yea.. I saw her drawing that wall.. I was passing by her nearly everyday.. my workplace is so near to this wall.

  11. Ali Says:

    Nice wall, our city is so ugly and is being invaded by concrete, so why not add some urban art.

  12. Color on a wall: Amman’s biggest painting.. - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    […] painting (prove me wrong if you know a bigger one). The wall of the Radisson SAS hotel has been undergoing a transformation for the past few […]

  13. semsem Says:

    The Girl Behind it its Reema malallah, she has this great place in jabal Amman called “love on a bike” check the website www.loveonabike.com


  14. yazeed shara Says:

    am sorry guys for what i did at may/2008 … i was driving at that same spot and tryed to make the most stuped drift ever. my car went over the pavement and almost had this girl killed .. she was coloring those drawing 10 meters from where the car stopped, the drawings looked beautiful. she told me that if i had this accident a day before i would’ve killed her coz she was working at the same spot where my car stopped.

    am really sorry everyone !
    if u capture a pic of this drawing after being colored it would be great

  15. yazeed shara Says:

    and sorry reema !

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