If you are a graphic designer, don’t miss this workshop. learn more about Arabic calligraphy from an expert. You will never find this knowledge or lean in your university. Expand your knowledge, gain experience.

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2 Responses to “Graphic designers… Don’t miss this workshop”

  1. Amr Says:

    Thanks for the link man, i think it is fantastic, some identity link up :)

  2. manal Says:

    Dear Designers, learn to take command of your ideas thoughts so you can achieve what you want to achieve. Try to erase your old patterns of design thinking and understand how you have been brainstorming and correct thinking process and negative behaviour, build your self-image and self-esteem using established rules of knowledge and transformation principles. Learn to believe in yourself and create your possibilities of being a true designer.

    Believe in what you can become, be hardworking and creative. Create pictures of yourself being succeeding. You deserve to be creative designer in your life. This takes about five minutes a day, just think positively. It is important that you transform slowly and say it to yourself. I am a creative designer because I create the possibilities of creativity, innovation and knowledge.
    Your creative designs will tell others what you are doing. DO NOT keep this a secret to yourself. Good designs will tell who you are.
    Your creative and innovative work is challenging you to change yourself.

    Analyze your work history. Ask yourself: Did I get of my work a continuous positive feedback. Research shows that to have a creative production, you need to be updated. See more, reads more and work hard
    You should be proud of yourself…You are so intelligent…You know how to do attractive and functional designs. You are kind and thoughtful… We like you being a member in Designers club.


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