How to become an inventor?

March 23rd, 2008


It’s simple. The secret words are search and find. The invention process starts with observations. Look around you. Try to find things that you find problematic. Try to find things that make your life hard. Question everything.

If you find it, try to think of solutions. But before that observe and compare with similar case studies, try to find the smartest and easies way for your solution. Don’t complicate things, and don’t solve a problem with another problem.

This thought was inspired while I was watching a new show on MBC4 “The American Inventor”. To tell you the truth, it’s one of my pleasures to look for problems and try to find solutions that make peoples life easier. It’s one the greatest qualities that I value for being a human. This is one the things that all people share no matter who they are and where they are.

Thank you GOD for this bless.

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  1. TripleM Says:

    great show…i love it..I’m thinking of something right now…I’ll keep you boosted :p

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