When you combine a very creative and cool business brand like akhtaboot.com with a very talented and professional artist like Amer Al kokh.. You are defiantly going to get a kick ass animation ad. Good combination, isn’t it?

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7 Responses to “A creative ad for a creative company”

  1. Amjad Mahfouz Says:

    Amer is an explosive nuclear ballistic toxic bloody creative machine, I have never met anyone who can match his talents in all of jordan,
    rock on bro

  2. hussein Says:

    cool! short and creative.. i love it!

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    I agree guys with all what you have said

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    The characters seem awfully similar to the characters in Spongebob Squarepants! Hmmm Especially the first guy who looks so much like Patrick Star

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    7aram 3aleek ya qwaider… I don’t think it was meant to be like this.. the concept is all about that Akhtaboot who lives on the deep blue sea city and help everyone and i guess the style of the artist and the quality of his work is almost the same as a professional world wild cartoon animations…

    keep the positive energy ya man ;)

  6. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    What did I say other than the look similar!?

    Ya sidi. 7aggak 3ala rasi, oo gahwitak 3alay

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    gahwitak Mashroobeh… we ghadah 3enna bokra :)

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