Well I did… Beat FM is a young Jordanian radio station. They focus on international music and events. It was year 2005 when they started to broadcast on the air. I remembered there first look when they tried to adopt a graphite metaphor in there brand. Their rate card looked like a spry can. Unfortunately I could not find any image for their old brand. The idea was not so bad. Graphite symbolizes youth and rebellious attitude, the art as a form of revelation. But this idea was not implemented well and it looked poor.

Now the new brand looks bolder, more hip and modern. The revolution idea seems to be dropped down. It looks more playful and neat. The new brand seems to adopt more perfectionist attitude rather than experimental one like the old brand.

To tell the truth, I am not a good listener to this radio station and I don’t know how this new brand will be reflected in their shows. But defiantly Beat FM has their eyes on Play FM.

So guys what do you think of the new brand? If you have anything to add please share it with us… Jordanian radio stations are on fire.

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17 Responses to “Have you noticed the new logo of beat FM.?”

  1. ASKAdenia Says:

    but i like the new logo more than the old one, that one was “ma3jooG kter”…

    thnx 4 share

  2. Onzlo Says:

    I really like it, its very fresh yet in a understated way, I think the new logo alone has convinced me to start listening to Beat

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    well.. positive feedback so far

  4. Moey Says:

    I love it, specially with one of my fav fonts, arial rounded.

  5. Roba Says:

    I love it!

  6. hussein Says:

    i love VAG rounded.. ;)

  7. nasimjo Says:

    ouh! I mentioned ur post after i published mine … ill gonna update it and link you out.

    Anyway, i guess they aint worrying about Play as much as they are about the new stations coming to town such as Energy FM and Communicorp’s Spin FM … read my blog for more info

  8. manal y Says:

    i lost hope in rebranding, cause they always presents an uglier logo than the ones they had b4 but this logo brought hope back, it should last for the next hundred years

    i say B for Brilliant

  9. Nizar Says:

    I really love it !

  10. omar Says:

    hussein, you’re the man! I was trying to guess what font was it and I knew it wasn’t Arial rounded ;D

    as I said on Robassimus’ blog, it’s absolutely brilliant. I love it.

  11. Moey Says:

    I thought it was arial rounded

  12. Moey Says:

    It is cool & hip on any case, I digg it!

  13. Alex Says:

    It’s actually based on the font Frankfurter, but we had to redraw it. We’re very glad to hear that so many people like it.

  14. H_naser Says:

    Superficial, unrelated, Inapplicable, shows Immaturity of the designer. its really another “Jordanian like” silly logo.
    I didn’t like it.

  15. H_naser Says:

    على رأي المثل: من خرى لأخرى
    Excuse my French!!!

  16. H_naser Says:

    i also found this image on the net for something very similar to the logo:

  17. farah ghaith Says:

    i used to really like it, but i was shocked yesterday when i found this on flickr! i have no idea about this thing, but i can see some copying in there.

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