This weekend we’ve decided to run away from cold and go to Aqaba. So we did. We drove there and when we reached Ma’an police caught me speeding at 108KM/H. They took my licences and told me to check the police station in Ma’an. They told me it 500JD ticket. My hart reached my ass. But eventually the new law is not working yet. They stopped it until they figured out how can they make those poor people pay 500 JD speeding ticket.

Anyway, I was thinking that the problem is not with the law or the outside patrols. The problem is with the road itself. The desert road is the mean road which connects the north with the south. You should be able to drive through this road without changing your speed from 110 to 60 suddenly. Every time you reach a village on the road you have to lower your speed… everyone should, but why do I have villages on the road? The village should be far from this road… it’s dangerous and there is no comment sense behind this…

Anyway, I spent the weekend “Mab3oos” and on the way back I had to go into Ma’an to get back my license. It was the first time in my life to enter Ma’an… all the way I was looking for a city but I could not find any… GOD… this city is soooo poor. I mean this city played a major role in the history of Jordan and now it’s being almost like a village. I think it’s not fare at all and we really need to adopt a strategy where we can distribute some of Amman’s powers into the other cities.


Ma’an has a unique location; it’s a connection point between Aqaba, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Amman. Ma’an can be a very important transportation hub. I believe we should build a very huge airport for goods and logistics. It can be a huge hub and a huge station for trucks and caravans that goes from/to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

I believe Ma’an can be the logistics hub for Jordan and it can also be a gateway between north and south, east and west…

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Me.. Speeding.. ticket and Ma’an!!”

  1. The Observer Says:

    500 jd?!! ewww! That is insane! I prefer to walk now!

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    yes.. I was going to pay 500JD…

  3. Wael Tayseer Says:

    oh my God
    the whole comments it was about the 500 JD Ticket , our friend her he write this article about the poor city Ma’an.

    hay People just for your information, MA’AN is the first capital for our lovely country . I don’t Know who have any business in that poor city which he don’t want it to be developed .

    And the biggest problem that this city they don’t have effective parliament members that they can show the demand of this city to the government and even in the government there some people who work in the dark to make a gap between our king and the people of the city and between the government and these poor decent people .

    And please i ask the youth people in our country to wakeup and see what happen around them.

    thats all

    (Jordanian) First
    (M3any) Second

  4. yosef Says:

    my name is Yosef H.M. Krishan…..My father “Hussein Mahmoud Krishan” is trying to do this from 1999 until now. He is the general manager of Aqaba Railway Corporation and he was born in Ma’an. The biggest problem there is the people hwo don’t undertand that they need a beter place to leave and they have to help the other people hwo realy want to do that.

    I’m living in Romania and I was born here, but I’m comming to Jordan every year to vizit my family but In Ma’an nothing changed. I will try to make a strategy to do something better there I’m 23 and when I will finish my studies I’ll be back to jordan to make something work in Ma’an. you can contact me on yahoo mail or messenger at >>

  5. yosef Says:

    yosef_h_k this is my yahoo messenger ID

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