Cartoon | Estwaneh 3aroos

December 30th, 2007


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7 Responses to “Cartoon | Estwaneh 3aroos”

  1. hussein Says:

    عدت والعود أحمد

    كاريكتير حلو ومهضوم!!

    بس شو مشان ٢٠٠٦ ؟

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    سطلان مطبعي :)

  3. omar Says:

    مضحك و هادف
    رائع جدا يا صديقي

  4. Khaled Says:


  5. Nizar Says:

    HAHA :D Really nice!
    Thanks sha3teely

  6. Firas Says:

    Sha3teely you are talented. Not only cartoons, but all other kinds of arts your produce!

    Can’t you ahve all your work organized in some section at this site?

    Yeah, I remember about a year ago you told me I should watch Prison break and it’s a good series, will thanks Sha3teely :D it’s the best show I have ever seen! Totally hooked! Any new “brilliant” suggestions this year?

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Firas, thank you man.
    Regarding my work on the site, Sara7a this needs a bit of work on the site… i hope ill have the time to do so…

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