Big changes in JRTV soon

December 28th, 2005


Today I just read this short news in Al Dustor daily newspaper; I can say nothing but hoping that all the efforts will result in something good and competitive. Because now the JRTV is really really sucks. Pray with me :)

إنطلاقة جديدة للاذاعة والتلفزيون في عيد ميلاد الملك
عمان - الدستور - نيفين عبد الهادي: أعلن مجلس إدارة مؤسسة الإذاعة والتلفزيون أن المؤسسة ستشهد انطلاقة جديدة ضمن خطة تطويرية ستكون أولى خطواتها يوم عيد ميلاد جلالة الملك عبد الله الثانـي حيث سيبدأ التلفزيون بدوره جديدة تتضمن إطلاق شكل جديد للشاشة وشعار وبرامج جديدة كما سيشمل التغيير المذيعين، كما تشمل الخطة البدء بتجديد مبانـي المؤسسة وترميمها بكلفة تصل إلى (18) ألف دينار وإعادة تأهيل الأقسام الهندسية بالمؤسسة.

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6 Responses to “Big changes in JRTV soon”

  1. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    18 thousands ?! JRTV needs much more than that ! Mobile companies pay more than that for promoting a new feature or service..

  2. Raed_M Says:

    yes, you are right,
    you can see what i wrote about that

  3. levantmystic Says:

    Yes finally!
    actually, my office will be handling the new design for the TV buildings, and I�m extremely exited about the project, it�s very challenging !
    and as Issam said, the estimate budget for such project needs at least 5 times the mentioned number! However, we supposed �as always� to be creative but with minimals �.

  4. Dar Says:

    since JTV is the favourite channel for my father , i had to watch it with him , and i was thinking ….. what the hell is this peice of art that neeeds to be placed in an antique store !!!!!!!!
    i have feel nauseated everytime i watch the JTV !
    Ba3dein ya 7asra sho bedhom ye3malo hal 18 alf , yzeeedohom shwai !

  5. Khalidah Says:

    I stopped watching JRTV a loooong time ago .. I wouldn’t really know the difference to be honest … Thank god for paid TV channels :)

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Well I guess the JRTV is still struggling and this move is just an act of fear after the news of opening al Ghad TV network. I guess the JRTV should fire all the staff and reestablish the whole institution…

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