I am still a Fastlink customer!!

December 24th, 2007

It’s been 4 months since Zain new brand launched and I am still a Fastlink customer. The network name on my mobile is still Fastlink. I also keep telling people I have a Fastlink line, or asking people about Fastlink this and Fastlink that. I just can’t say Zain by my self. I will need more time to adapt the new brand into my life.

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4 Responses to “I am still a Fastlink customer!!”

  1. Khaled Says:

    I think most old SIM cards that came from fastlink will stay as fastlink, so if you want zain jo on your mobile get a new SIM. Or you keep waiting till you get lucky and it switches by itself.

  2. mkilany Says:

    I hate Zein and I’m using the word HATE… Damn LOGO stupid Colors… its just ugly and I feel ripped off…

    I still can’t say I have a Zein line, or an Orange line… just sounds stupid…

    I love it when the older guys, 50-60’s talk about Zein and Orange… they would kill any branding attempt, they even confuse the two, which one is Zein again (Mobilecom wella Fastlink)… LOL

  3. KHALID Says:

    ya jama3a,
    ana nefsy 2a3raf, sho stfad el customer mn taghyeer w bai3 el companies.
    kol sharekat el 3alam,saro 3am ye7sebo el dhareebeh 3ala el sherkeh, ella 3ena, 7alfeen yameen ma ye3malooha 7atta ba3ed ma nba3at

    ya zalameh wallah she bojlot.

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    khaled: the problem is that I used to have zain jo on my mobile for couples of weeks and it switched back to fastlink.

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