أطلقت اليوم شركة تووت كورب النسخة المطورة والجديدة لموقع إكبس لمشاركة الأفلام والصور. وتتميز النسخة الجديدة ببساطة الألوان ووضوح الاستخدام بشكل أكثر. وتسعى الشركة إلى تطوير الموقع بشكل دائم حيث تم حل الكثير من المشاكل في النسخة السابقة بالإضافة إلى السعي نحو إضافة وظائف جديدة للموقع..
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8 Responses to “إكبس بعيدها الأول وحلّه جديدة”

  1. hussein Says:

    نبارك لشركة تووت كورب كومباني هذا الانجاز الباهر.. وإلى مزيد من التطور والإزدهار، وتوسعٍ للإنتشار


  2. محمد بشير Says:

    وإلى المزيد من التقدم :)

  3. Summer Says:

    all day long i have been trying to upload videos on ikbis but it has been down on and off…yalla guys,finish up plz!!

  4. Fouad Masoud Says:

    Finally :D
    congrats, to u guys.
    i love it :D
    though it took me like 15 minutes to login still it was worth the wait.

    i have a couple of comments here and there, some of them “am sure” u have heard about from alot of guys out there like the localization. and the banner above the header, plus i would’ve loved to see a fluid layout there, Arial for arabic ia a NO NO if u ask me Tahome is the way to go (Header, footer, and titles). i dont know but i think u should have the title back for the featured clip.

    i really love images and videos tabs in the header.

    there is a problem with the pages titles in the browser window.

    one big problem “no user path plus no main menu highlight”.

    i dont know but i think there is something wrong with the paging; some pages it goes across 2 columns the other its just in the mid column.

    i really really love the side action column in the inner pages.

    again guys, gr8 work, 2llah ya3tekom 10000000 3fya.


  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you guy’s

    Fouad: thank you for your feedback. Make sure that your comments will reach directly to Karim and the rest of the team. It’s really important to take a good feedback from the best CSS and web guru in the region..

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    also we are working on fixing lots of bugs here and there ;)

  7. Fouad Masoud Says:

    out of words.

    just honored, it means alot to have someone like ur dear self giving me credit.

    i think ill post it in my site :D when am done with the redesign.

    thx man.

  8. خالد حسن Says:

    الى الامام دائما

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