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8 Responses to “Amman’s ugliest building in 2007”

  1. Onzlo Says:

    Nasty, eish il fikra? Petra/Versailles/Office building all in one

  2. Khaled Says:

    I agree, Petra and black don’t go together at all.

  3. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I like the prison-bars-look on the windows … Original :)

  4. kinzi Says:

    Yes, indeed, it has my vote. Blech.

  5. hussein Says:

    to the left they tried to do a film strip a look like.. then they changed their mind in the last minute! :D
    cool catch wael!

  6. Fouad Masoud Says:

    i thought it was nice :$

  7. tareq Says:

    i have UGLIER!!
    bas inta 2oolli keef awareek iahom!

  8. Ahmed Saidawi Says:

    oh!! what a building !!

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