Certainly we are those masters. I am sure that the idea was nice. I like the Grey color more than the yellow black edges. But the execution sucks. Take a look at this pictures which I took near my office this morning.

على مبدأ أجى يكحلها عماها

I believe such work like this is not acceptable at all. It’s a total waste of money. The sidewalk edges need to be fixed before and painted in a much neater way.

Sara7a; I will not consider this as an achievement for the municipality. Ill just consider it as yet another failed attempt to fix something in the city. You either do it right or don’t..? An organized city needs and organized workers.

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3 Responses to “The Masters of doing things wrong!”

  1. Ahmad Humeid Says:

    I saw this in the morning and got pissed off. I am glad you noticed it too.

    Total lack of any sense or responsibility!

    If I were the supervisor of the person who did the painting, I would have taken the brush from him and painted him from top to bottom in the same style.

  2. manal y Says:

    lol @ humied’s comment

    i would say please dont fix anything, because whenever they do they make things even worse, big example is Gardens St. look at the curbs they added and the washed away asfalt sourounding it. it looks really bad.

  3. wael Says:

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