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December 24th, 2005

Have you ever asked yourself what makes this ad, design, article or anything else in the world a creative work or not? Well, I personally believe that creativity does not belong to any certain group of people or profession. Because creativity is one of the human’s qualities, which we all should have. But like most of the other human qualities, we don’t use them. You can also be creative in any line of work, or any aspect of your life. This is what we mean by creativity has no limits.

Creativity does not come directly from inspiration as most people think. There are some certain bases which you should stand on before you take off. Also you can add as many bases as you can which you believe that creative work should be based on. For me those bases are

Need: One of the most important sources for creativity is need. Usually if you need something you try hard to find the best way to get it. Need is so important for creativity and without it, your effort is worthless.

Problem solving: One of the major incentives for creativity is problem solving. If you consider your action as a problem solving, it will make your effort of producing a creative solution worthwhile. But be careful, problem solving does not necessarily leads to a creative solution.

Impact: Always imagine the impact of your work on the targeted people. Think of what kinds of impact do you want to have in people’s minds. There are many elements which helps you to have a strong impact; such as surprise, memory and experience.

Surprise means is to find the unexpected way to solve the problem and satisfy the need. Memory refers of how much your work will stay in people’s mind. And experience means how much people were able to experience something that they never had before, and how much this experience will affect them.

Content: your content should be meaningful, with a short and clear message. Creativity does not come from bla bla bla work. Being simple and smart is all what you need.

Think of this dilemma as an example all the time. If I have only one blank white paper and someone asked me to draw only one black dot in this paper. In a way that no one can easily think of. And everyone will be surprised from, and asking questions about it. Where and how should I draw it?

You should first believe that you are a creative person, and then try your best to apply this in your life. Another thing you can always keep in mind; A spoon is not a spoon; A car is not a car; A man is not a man; A tree is not a tree; And so on�

Hope you got it :)

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7 Responses to “Something about creativity”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    That sounds like The Matrix movie :)
    That was one of the best articles i ever read from a blogger…

    i think if the person does not have the motive and the talent, then he cant do a creative work. so he must search first for somthing he thinks himslef talented in, to get the motive and then to show his creativity.

  2. Abdelstar alslimat Says:

    V good.

  3. Tololy Says:

    Well said, very well said. I think I would like to throw in the word “oppression”. Yes, that’s right, oppression. In my opinion, being oppressed generally produces quality results, because one should fight to show one’s creativity, and this struggle -I’ve seen it happen- gives way to fantastic results, provided one does not give in to pressure.

  4. Abdelrahman Osama Says:

    Can’t agree more especialy about the content part.

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Well I think we can say that oppression leads to motivation. Motivation leads to need. Need leads to problem solving and the process of creativity goes on.

    Also competition may lead to motivation. There are so many things that motivate people to be creative but in my opinion oppression is the most powerful motivations you can ever get.

  6. Gisela Giardino Says:

    Wael, I came to you through Jad�s blog (with the new layout thanks to your help).

    Super post!!!! I wanted to congratulate you, and I specially stopped here, because I agree fully with you, and you express it in such a clear and beautiful way I could have never came close to do it myself.

    My hat off.

    Keep it coming, this wonderful art of yours. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you gisela and I hope I can make deference..

    Thank you all for your comments

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