I remember when I was studying architecture at university, I hated AutoCAD. It was too much complicated for me, and yet AutoCAD was only the beginning of a long and time consuming process in presentation, because after you finish working on AutoCAD you need to take your models and drawing and place them in 3D studio or Photoshop for rendering.


Ok, what if I want to make a quick 3D sketch with decent presentation to show my concept to some client or my instructor at university… well I have to do it by hand or ill need a lot of time working in AutoCAD and 3D studio…


Thanks for this amazing 3D software, Sketch-Up is a very powerful tool that enables you to draw precise, well presented and fast 3D models. Sketch-Up tools are very simple and gives you a wide verity of options that cover most of the 3D software used by designers. There is lots of features in this software which will ease your life, and am sure that the people who made this software knows what kind of problems we faced before..


Sketch-Up uses layers like AutoCAD, and you can import and export DWG files, also you can export you drawing into pdf , eps and jpg files which you can edit later on Adobe software.. isn’t that great.. :)

You can read and learn more about this software from there website

In this website you can download a trial version, read more about the feature, learn how to use it from the tutorial “ by the way it took only one day to learn how to start working on it” and you can download extras for the software.

Visit there website and enjoy :)

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15 Responses to “3D For Everyone , Thank You Sketch-Up”

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  3. Dan Says:

    adobe cs2 photo shop tutorial

  4. ryan Says:

    can lighting apllied on the models?

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    ryan: there is a lighting feature, but its not the same as the other 3D software. you can add spotlights or Omni.

    it gives you natural light based on the date and time of the sun… you can download the software and try it by your self.. go to

  6. Mirza Saif-ur-Rehman Says:

    i love 3d working ,i work mostly with can say i m great in auto cad ,i can also work with studio max & maya,but i m great for autocad i love your working,so that’s why i want to join you guys
    in any case,any case, please RREPLY me on my mail adress

  7. Hidayet Says:

    Hey Atilli,

    I need your help please….

    I am new to Sketchup. But the most important thing i need to know is how to create 3d models from 2d drawings imported from Autocad…If you can give me any good websites u know that can help me with that or if u can help me your self that would be great.

    Plz reply on my emaill adress

  8. rafaxf Says:

    wish render didi you use?

  9. muthanna Says:

    hallaw lak dude are you 3era8i?
    le’annaho any 3eraqi, and studying architecture, dude your blog is awesome!
    contact me by email I’d love to talk to you about architecture and stuff…

  10. ark Says:

    hi can u give any idea where i can download and learn 3d max stimutinously?

  11. ark Says:

    yeah ! sketch is very friendly to used but not as realistic compared to 3d max? can u help me where i can download 3d max free? i really want to learn how to use 3d max pls hehehe

  12. juzakid Says:

    sketchup have a camera in it? so we can do animation?

  13. Sketchup « cctansey1 Says:

    […] […]

  14. CRIS Says:

    hmmmm… sketchup vray rendering we can asume that we can still have same output with 3dmax… all you nid is practice :P

  15. jean Says:

    this is so great..I was so amazed..I will not use Autocad anymore..=P

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