Puzzle of the day… find out 5 traffic problem on this intersection and wind a free ride on a highway street with no speed limit.

If you want to know what’s wrong with that intersection just drive there, a total traffic disaster. You cannot ignore that intersection because it is considered as a hub and strategic location in the North West of Amman. It’s one of Amman’s lifelines destroyed by bad traffic solutions.

Anyway this is one of many posts that I attend to highlight regarding traffic in Amman. Using Google earth we can discuss some urban problems of the city which we live by. May be we can start a movement of people who care about the city. Ask the people in charge to consider what we are saying and work together for the best of the city.

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9 Responses to “Amman under jam attack | Jordan University mosque intersection”

  1. Isam Says:

    bravo Wael … this needs urgent attention …

    regarding this particular intersection … i think there is a proposal already that GAM , who annocnced a plan to develop Amman’s North Entrance , and they’re considering to dig a tunnel for both directions … that would for sure ease the jams …

    waiting for the next problems … well done

  2. tareq Says:

    Man.. a Straight Tunnel from Univ. St to Swaileh on both ways, 3 lanes each and a BUS LANE (Double Lines under BUS LANE!!) will reduce over 75% of traffic jam at the 1st intersection. and a Curved Bridge over the 2nd intersection will do the rest… but … even if u build a 10 LANE tunnel.. u wont be able to change the way those crazy Coaster buses brain Functions!! they just want to FLY with their Diesel machines over the highway to catch a potential passenger for 200 fils!!! no matter what accidents or jams they might cause.. el mohim inhom yel7a2o ya5doo el rakib 2abil ma 7ad tani yol6oshoh!!!
    My sister Sha6bat our car there and lola sotir Allah o lo6foh la kan insha6bat min hal denya kaman min ta7t ras bas coaster wa2if bnos el shari3!!!
    ma 3laina….
    Wael, ur idea is great and i agree… Search Google and find those HOT SPOTS of Amman where tarffic jam raises the temperature of car engines and people’s brains!!!
    my next spot is just 500 m away from this one: the traffic sign near Shaherazad cafe and Al Dai3a Shawerma.. university North gate!!! wt do u think?????

  3. yuri Says:

    Good! Now that u mentioned it! Urban engineering is what we lack in Jordan! the nice part of the story is that most of the scholarships of master offered for Jordanians are in the filed of urban engineering but why? Because they probably noticed that our main problem is urban design! So civil engineers and architects are supposed to start applying for those masters so that they can solve our problems rather than letting Indian companies do the job for us!

    but still It is a nice idea to do so! btw I think they must start forcing buses to take the right lanes! and they must start forcing people to stay in one of the lanes rather than driving regardless of the lanes lines! that make me feel sick! omg! I hate driving for this one reason!

  4. Asfour Says:

  5. Life! » Blog Archive » Solution Says:

    […] Problem […]

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Tariq: I think that road should be one way and the whole Jordan University should become like a huge circle… the street is two narrow and there are no parking spaces

  7. tareq Says:

    I think that ALL AMMAN should be ONE WAY!!
    The ultimate traffic solution! Pass thru the town and never get back from where u came!! TURN AROUND Man :)

  8. ألاردني الحر Says:

    أخ بس لو يسلموني أمانه العاصمه بس يوم واحد

  9. hussein Says:

    شعتيلي بدنا مقالات جديدة.. عن الانتخابات خصوصاً

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