I am so pissed off and disappointed from Orange service. When it was launched I was so optimistic about the level of services that we are going to have from now on. But it was only a change in name and image only.

I’ll tell you my story and I am sure it is not only mine. I moved to a new house in August. And after I finished moving I went to Orange to move my landline and ADSL to the new address. They told me that it will take only 10 days maximum. Until now, nothing happened. I call them every week asking about what is happing, they take my mobile number and they tell me promise to call me but no one calls. I feel so ignored. They always say that my papers are waiting for approval and it’s becoming a project. You know what is the project? It only a small dig to connect my house to the landline.

I had a friend who waited for 3 month to get his landline… To tell you the truth I only need the landline for ADSL. If Zain or Umnia started providing broadband connections like Mobily in Saudi Arabia. I’ll defiantly go for it. I don’t know how the landline is going to compete with this bad service!! The good side of the story is that these people are helping landlines to be extinct.

In other countries the whole process of getting a landline does not take more than few hours. We are in the year 2007 and still if you want to have any service you should wait for months to get it. Can somebody tell why? Can anybody help me understand what is happing?

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7 Responses to “The black background of Orange!!”

  1. amjad mahfouz Says:

    hehehe, nice art

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    The problem is always with the infrastructure. It’s really an obstacle. That’s why in countries like Jordan Wireless networks make a lot of sense

  3. Hani Obaid Says:

    I hear stories like this all the time. The annoying thing is the false promises. Oh yeah you’ll be up and running in 5 days. (translation 50 days later inshallah).

    My company had to pay for them to actually bring ADSL service to the neighborhood we’re in !

  4. Isam Says:

    That is happening to our house in amman. even when i call they scream at me to get Organge to come install ADSL.

    The broadband service in KSA (provided by both networks now) at a whopping 7.2 Mbps looks promising … i am trying it in a few days … it is a bit expensive … but that broadband connection WHEREVER ! now thats something … i think feet in sea and REAL internet in hand is very close to me :)

  5. yuri Says:

    Do not know when services will improve in our country? and when they’ll start treating like human beings?

  6. Moey Says:

    I second what yuri said.

  7. subzero Says:

    OK I have a solution for u!!!

    Why dont u register with me and I will provide you with internet?

    I have 100Mbps internet line and I am thinking of registering to a second 100Mbps and connect them through load balancing router to sum up to 200Mbps. Thats probably more than the bandwidth reserved for orange to supply ALL JORDAN!!!! seriously!! lol!

    but u will have to take the permission of the government, coz i am not licensed :p

    Good luck buddy with ur problem. I totally cheered up when u reminded me with the type of service i used to have and the one I am having right now.


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