I always receive invitations from people to join some sort of a social network website on the web, and I always ignore them. But this time I got an invitation to join which seems to be a social network website for Muslims around the world. I still did not register, but the idea and features that they display are quite interesting. Also the graphics are not bad at all. In fact I liked the design.

The founders of this site are two Jordanian, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Husseini and Mr. Sami Al-Taher. They said on the website that offers a point of solidarity for online Muslims worldwide. There goal is to promote and reinforce an inspiring, positive image of the strong values that Muslims bring to their respective communities everywhere. They help Muslims everywhere come closer to achieving their own personal dreams – whatever they may be.

Well the concept and the idea is great, I wish them all the luck..

Now I am going to register

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3 Responses to “ | the social network of Muslims around the world”

  1. Hussein Says:

    i like!!

    the idea is awesome, the graphics are not bad as you said, the mechanism of the features is working in a nice way..

    i always wish something similar!

    but to be honest, i didn’t like the forums section! i hate the whole idea.. i know that they have hundreds of customers who adore it, but for me, it reminds me with the disaster age of the arabian internet..

    thanx to share wael!

  2. Lalla Mira Says:

    Thanks for sharing, I might register as well.

  3. Mohamed Haseem AM Says:

    assalam allikum

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