It’s totally amazing product from Adobe. For people who design website for mobile interface or care about their website look on a mobile screen, now they don’t have to buy all kind of mobile and test there url on each one of them. The device Central simulates how each mobile browser will render your website.

On the left side you can choose what kind of mobile you would like to test your page on. On the middle you will see the mobile simulation and actually you can use the buttons the same as you use a real mobile. And on the right side you can select the url you would like to test.

The cool thing is that this software is connected directly with Dreamweaver and you can directly test you html design from there.

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One Response to “Have you checked Adobe Device Central CS3”

  1. amjad mahfouz Says:

    ya its amazing, also check the flash lite publisher on flash, really cool for making mobile applications.
    thx for da share man

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