Ramadan ٍٍScenes

September 25th, 2007

Scene 1: The new trend in Ramadan decorations are the big lanterns on the porches or house’s windows. I think it’s more beautiful than the moon and stars neon lights. I think it gives more spirit. What it would be much nicer, if people and neighbours get together, and try to decorate their buildings or neighbourhood as a collective and shared effort. Some areas in Egypt have this every Ramadan as a part of a celebration.

Scene 2: Yesterday I saw a man at the mosque reading the Holy Qura’an from his mobile. I thought it was a funny scene where you can find everyone holding a Holy Qura’an book and he someone holding his mobile and read.

Scene 3: This year I found the numbers of beggars are less. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but this is what I felt this year. Maybe the government played a big role in this.

Scene 4: This year the number of TV shows acceded the whole limits, no one is being able to keep track on what happing. Personally I did not watch any, absolutely nothing.

Scene 5: What’s going on people? why all comedy stars are having shows every night in Amman? Imagine LBC, MBC and future comedy shows are being screened in here!! Are we becoming the hub of Ramadan entertainment for the region?

Scene 6: For this scene I need to take a picture and post it later. I always pass by this “Ramadan Night Club Tent” in Shmiesani where you can enjoy Argeeleh and listen to Original music followed by a great belly dancing show. But what make me wonder are the drawings of Mecca and “Ka’aba” on the tent’s sheets. I always ask my self if it because we don’t know how to brand Ramadan or we don’t give Islam any value anymore. To tell you the truth I don’t know why? For me I think it is so insulting and I believe they should remove it.

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6 Responses to “Ramadan ٍٍScenes”

  1. Fouad Masoud Says:

    add this

    Scene 7:
    the number of ppl who stopped fasting increased this year, and for some reason they seem more impolite, insensitive, and arrogant than ever; now they simply eat, smoke, and drink.
    when asked. they shout at u with freedom “S**t”, but at most the only thing they know about freedom is to lose one’s values.

    Scene 8:
    Ramadan or no Ramadan spirit, no body seems to care anymore. for most ppl now they do it coz they have to do it.

    Scene 9:
    “Am going out for Iftar”, out means: a big restaurant owned by someone “Jewish” for example, and serves alcohol in normal days.

    Scene 10:
    anxiety; it seems that everybody has it this year.
    nobody eats, or sleep anymore.

    i should stop, GR8 topic man.


  2. Isam Says:

    scene no. 5 is men el gelle la eno el wade3 be lebnan zeft o hadol jama3a bas bedhom ya5do masari … dananeer ryalat darahem ma btefreg … el mohem masari

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Fouad: there is a lot of bad scenes which i always try not to look… but I always pray for things to get better.. I always try to get my self near good people and stay away from bad people.

    Isam: Why didn’t they go to Dubai or any Gulf Country?

  4. Forat A. Says:

    you are as creative as ever man:)

    Thanks alot for the Ramadan scenes from Amman, we yearn for these scenes always.

  5. Isam Says:

    such things are not popular … here people meet in their houses or pray Taraweeh … there is no ramadan tents and stuff like that … so its either Egypt or Jordan … calculate their entry fees in egyptian currency and you have your answer … and sorry for being rude : Ramadan Kareem :)

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    No worries

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