Khat Ahmar | Meet Uncle Sam

September 11th, 2007

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6 Responses to “Khat Ahmar | Meet Uncle Sam”

  1. Allam Says:

    LOL! oh man. Alla Yustur :)

  2. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOL! ebda3 :D … allah ywafgak HAHAHA

  3. Khalidah Says:


    Very creative :D

  4. Ahmed Saidawi Says:

    Oh man, thats so realistic!
    Good job, keep going…

  5. Isam Says:

    LOOOOL very true … excellent

  6. Fouad Masoud Says:

    This is awesome man.
    Gr8 work as usual.

    I love the way every episode carries a msg that reflects real issues in our lives.


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