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7 Responses to “Cartoon | The Technology of Argeelah!”

  1. Khalidah Says:

    7abet el cartoon kteer

  2. Sabri Hakim Says:

    very nice!

  3. jameed Says:

    ha3 ha3…good one

    PS dial-up must be sagayer philadephia 3ashan ma btis7ab

  4. Nas Says:

    lool very nicely done

  5. Bashar Says:

    very funny ….They forgot the NETWORK argileh :)

  6. Bashar Says:

    I said in my previous comment “they forgot …”

    Am sorry i was wrong..i didnt know that the drawing was done by you wael…you have to excuse me..this is my first visit to your blog :) but when i saw Jammed and Kosaeeh from earlier posts i knew that was your work too :) great job man..Creative

    By the way what happened to jammeeed and kwsaaeh ??

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you all for the encouraging comments.

    Bashar: Thank you for visiting my blog… and soon you will see more episodes of Jameed and Kosayeh “InshAlla” :)

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