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I am so excited, honored and thrilled to be part of the blogger’s jury team of JSFF this year, along with Mohammad Al-Qaq and Hiba Judeh. In fact this is the first time for me to be part of a jury. I hope ill be useful enough and be able to make good arguments.

The JSFF will kick-off tomorrow, so make sure to attended one of its events. I am sure it’s going to be one the best film events this summer.

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4 Responses to “Sha3teely on the Jordan Short Film Festival”

  1. yazan ashqar Says:

    Good luck, and enjoy the big load of films!

  2. Maioush Says:

    wow! that’s great :)
    well, good luck man, i wish i can attend, bur have fun :)

  3. Sha3teely » Blog Archive » JSFF, Al Hussein Cultural Center and the missing ingredient Says:

    […] As I posted before, I had the pleasure and the honor to be part of blogger’s jury committee in the JSFF this year. Although it was a time consuming but I believe it worth every second. I had the chance to get to know Moh Al Qaq and Hiba more “two amazing bloggers and designers”. I really enjoyed their companionship. I also meet Hazi Betar, the organizer of the event and one of the pioneering film makers who did a lot of the industry in Jordan. I meet also Nadine Toukan, producer, a friend and former co-worker at Arabia.com. Nadine is also the producer of Captain Abu Raed film. I had the chance to meet film makers, directors and film critics. But also let’s not forget the good amount of films screened at the Festival which enriched my experience and gave me the motivation and energy to do such films. […]

  4. ArabianMonkey Says:

    Actually this attempt at an event was an absolute failure. It was not communicated, not well attended at all, badly organized and just an insult to the films and filmmakers who were told they were part of it.

    Although there’s a lot of work that needs to evolve in the film industry and the general film culture, we are beyohnd such badly handled events! Enough of this really.

    In the same venue, the HCC, many film, music and art events have been held and have been extremely successful - and of course depending on who organizes them and how they are communicating with the fed up staff of the HCC.

    I tried to attend this event. It was painful. And basically what is was was a series of screenings for the organizers and the jury - something you could’ve done in the privacy of your office or home or coffeeshop, rather than claim a festival!

    There have been many successful film festival events in the past couple years, and it’s easy to get it right these days if one is willing to collaborate. Come on people, raise the bar and aim for a bare minimum standard, at the least!

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