There are two men working in the same profession. One is living in the US and the other is in Jordan. The one in Jordan is standing on one of Al Weibdeh streets, wearing 10JD shoes. He looks in his pocket, count few coins and hopes that this money will be enough to get him home. He looks tiered and sweaty. He is so ignored.

The other one who live in the US is standing on a red carpet with $100000 suite, and $5000 hair cut. He is holding a hand of a beautiful lady who is wearing 1 million diamond nickels. He jumps to his lemo and disappear under the flash lights.

Both of them are actors!!!!!!

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2 Responses to “Comparison scene | Men Over the sun… Men under the sun”

  1. Maioush Says:

    poor thing, that’s kinda sad… but actors here are crazy though.

  2. amjad mahfouz Says:

    BAS el actors ?? :S
    its generalized , Arab citizen VS US citizen

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