A new typical Hollywood movie, the Kingdom is a movie about terrorist attacks happened in a compound in Riyad. And the American supper hero “Jamie Fox” saves the day and captures the evil Muslim guy.

This is what we need, another bad image, and another asshole Hollywood actor to save our world from us! and there is always the open minded local police man who is trying to help the good guys to kick some bad Arab asses…





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8 Responses to “The Kingdom | The American Rambo in Saudi Arabia”

  1. globalorama Says:

    I saw the preview at a theater. it looked like a good action movie other than the bad image of arabs and Muslims it gives.
    after the preview ended a couple of white trash shouted “go USA” followed by and awkward silence then a laugh by the crowd with the words jack ass, dump ass, idiots being muttered all over. I wish I could see the faces of those two idiots.

  2. Craig Says:

    other than the bad image of arabs and Muslims it gives

    So, the movie is racist.

    after the preview ended a couple of white trash

    But you aren’t. Correct?

    I suspect people like you do a better job of gibing Arabs and Muslims a “bad name” than any Hollywood movie ever can.

    I happened to have been sitting next to an Arab woman yesterday when i saw this preview (while watching the Bourne Ultimatum). There were plenty of empty seats, but she decided to come sit next tom my group, and I was unlucky enough to be on the end. She knocked my water out of the cup holder before the previews weer even done, and acted like she didn’t notice. She kicked me in the shin at least a dozen times, and she even managed to elbow me in the ribs, somehow. Within 10 minutes she had me cringing at the other side of my seat trying to stay away from her.

    Am I racist for saying these things about an Arab? Do you think she thought I was “white trash” and deserved to be treated this way? Do you think it’s just a cultural difference that leaves me thinking Arabs must be the rudest people on the planet, after this experience?

    I was married to a Chinese woman for 10 years and I know about cultures where people have to establish some space for themselves with sharp elbows, but this girl was just insanely over the top. And besides, there were plenty of open seats where she could have sat and not had anyone on either side of her.

    Seriously not cool. I have no idea if she even saw this preview though… seems like she was kinda busy trying to figure out a way to accidentally hit me in the head with her purse.

    And yes, all this was provoked by that little “white trash” comment. Deal with it.

  3. Moey Says:

    and now blacks are going to save arabs? wallah denya

  4. hussein Says:

    وأهم شي يكون في صبية غنوجة تساعد البطل في تحرير بلاد العرب نهاراً.. وليلاً تقوم بواجبها الإنساني تجاه أسياد الحرية

    طيب شو علاقة الوليد بن طلال بالفلم؟

  5. Adam Says:

    1, It’s a movie. About as real to life as that Turkish one about the Iraq war last year
    2, Has there never been a terorrist attack on a compound in Saudi then? It gives a bad image of one side of Islam (which is the bad side). Does the movie not also show Muslims helping defeat the terrorists too?

  6. HinduBoy Says:

    The Arabs and Muslims realize they have an image problem. Infact Muslims themselves are fearful of the jihadis. Sounds like this movie shows that terrorists bring a bad name to Islam and that the birth place of Islam is suffering as a result. It is time for Saudis to reflect whether it is in the best interest of Islam to become more tolerant and secular such as by allowing Christian churches, Hindu temples and Bahai temples on its soil.

  7. nassim-marie Says:

    Am not a pro Saudi and i do not agree their politics, but for these Hollywood films, they give always the image that they are the brave good people that comes to our countries to save the world from evilness.. The thing is that their history was based on killing, when they came to the continent of America they massacred the Indian population (which is known to be of the biggest massacre of history!) but of course no body mention this, and we don’t have to forget Vietnam war, the war on Afghanistan and of course the horrible war on Iraq! and after that we are the terrorism and they are the angels of God !! The problem now that many young people now reads history from these americanized film..

  8. malek moath Says:

    so what …ugly movie

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