We have 7 senses not 5!!

July 31st, 2007


Yes..I believe that we have six senses and maybe seven senses not five. Our awareness of time is a sense by it self. Sometimes when I wakeup from a sleep I think that I slept for few minutes but then I discover that I slept for 5 or 6 hours.sometime the opposite thing happens. This is simply because our sense of time stops when we are unconscious, same as the other senses. You can also apply the same concept to place awareness.

I don’t have any scientific prove for my claims… but really I believe in it

What do you think? Do you agree?

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18 Responses to “We have 7 senses not 5!!”

  1. Najeeb Says:

    totally agree
    same thing when you dream, sometime your dream story is days, or week, but u wake up to notice that you have only been sleeping for 5-6 hours :S

    لا يوجد زمان في العقل الباطن

  2. Mazz Says:

    you can even say 8 for some people. like spider man for example! sense of danger! i think mine is broken.

  3. supreme ki Says:

    yea! totally agree! and they even started to include the time sense! and who knows they might start “the new 5 senses” competition!

  4. manal.yusuf Says:

    men just love to have “extra” of everything :D

  5. omar Says:

    there’s sense of fatness, which is basically NOT sensing fullness after 2 huge meals :B

    bass 3anjadd interesting theory!!! :D I do agree

  6. tareq Says:

    Here I kick In Wael…
    Our sense of time is called the Biological Clock, its tells us when to sleep and when to wake up.. if u fly and cross Latitude lines more than 6 hour ( or -) you well have what they call Jet Lag.. ur sense of Day and Night mismatches the Reality! So u wake up in middle of night not able to go back to sleep or vice versa…
    the other sense is rather a real sense (and it can be lost in certain diseases!!) the sense of Position (medically called Proprioception) this sensation gives u an idea where ur arms are and legs and whole body in reference to the ground (it depends on specific receptor found in the deep tendons of major muscles ) and they give the cerebellum continuous data about the tension on every tendon at real time values,, they get mixed up when we fly with high G or go into space..these reflexes are lost in certain infections like Syphlis…
    Bulk of Info, huh :)
    the topic is really good :)

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Tareq; I think you should write a book or start a blog, your way of explaining things are amazing.. we could do a book for kids or for older people if you like

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Omar:شكلك تباع مناسف

    Manal: I always thought women have more senses than men!!

    supreme ki: I really had the same idea when i was writing the post.

    Mazz: I think this is the only sense that we are not ever going to have.

    Najeeb: sometimes i dream full movie in two min. sleep

  9. Hala Says:

    Well I agree with you, and especially about time awareness, sometimes I wake up from sleep all by myself without an alarm. It is just a sense in me.

  10. amani Says:

    yes, u solved it rue, i simply know exactly what is the time without looking, i know it by minutes, my friends have fun by asking me about the time suddenly, i know it, like i know that this an apple when i taste, or lemon when i smell, ect…
    i think it is there, but not really developed enough that we notice

  11. tareq Says:

    Wael: Thanks,, its a GREAT IDEA! I
    seriously would give it a Deep Thinking, & if u got the time, i can give the time.. i have 2 kids and i would love to find them oneday reading and enjoying a book written by their dad and his friends :)

    Hala: That sense is a “programmable” thing by the way… how can u set up ur bio clock to Wake up at a certain time?! Well, dont push it beyond its limits! in brief: u get the guidlines: u need a regular sleeping pattern, ya3ni dont expect to sleep at 4 am in the morning and wake up by urself at 7 am!! u would propably need a Bomb to wake u up!
    If u sleep ur regular hours, the best chance for you to wake up is when u r in the “light or shallow” period of sleeping.. we Sleep in patterns: 60 min Shallow followed by 90 min of deep sleep.. so if u plan to wake up alone, ur internal clock would propably work best in shallow sleep.. so if u plan to sleep at 12 midnight, ur best chances to wake are after 2.5-3 hrs then its hard to wake in 2nd deep sleep (the 2nd 90 min cycle) so that takes u another 2.5 hrs, so u can wake up alone at 5 am, 7:30 and finally 10 am..now when ur system is over 12 hr sleep, other factors kick in: Bladder is Full: wakes u up to WC directly!
    Stomach is Empty: wake u up from hunger
    People around u say : 2oom ya khomm el noum,, so they wake u up by water! :) lol
    In general, drink a cup of water before u sleep, and Think activly before u go to sleep of what time u like to wake up,,,give urslef a good 5 hrs sleep (min) and twakkal 3la allah o nam.. :)
    u will be amazed 2 wake up very close to the time u set…
    hope the info was good enough :)
    Amani: knowing time by minutes without seeing a clock is really remarkable!!
    explore ur brain powers,, u might find other exciting stuff :) we only use 10% of our brains.. and we only know about 1% of it!
    we just need to be aware of our abilities…

  12. Egitaniense Says:

    we do have 7 senses. Vision,hearing,toutch,taste,smel, balance and kinesthesia.

    For details go to:


  13. Steffen Says:

    I love everyone.

  14. Kathleen Says:

    I really have enjoyed everyones comments. I have found my way here because I was trying to find the answer to What is the basic process of transforming energy into perception, which all of the senses have in common? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  15. maude Says:

    once i took 2ci and thought like: ow so this is what they call the sixth sense! i’ve seen aura of the people as well as flora. after probably a minute, which lasted longer than that, i’ve realised its not the sixth sense, it was my 5 unbalanced the time sence, which was fucked up as well. i think you r right, but the place awareness, as u call it is a knowledge, not sence, or it can be a guess in case u dont know where u are and feel lie u’re on 23rd milford stereet for example, anyway, its not sence. time is.

  16. Tony Says:

    I think we have 9 senses, the typical 5, plus the sense of time, memory, balance, and feelings are senses as well, and i think the biological clock thing makes sense, but the fact that our body is aware of time and senses time has past make it a sense. so not just that people have their own clock, but the fact that they can “sense time passing” is what makes time a sense. Memory through many studies make reactions occur in your body, an olympic runner who was hooked up to a machine was told to remember his practice and contests, and it triggered all the muscles used when running and even made him sweat, so the fact he could sense his memory makes that a sense. The sense of balance has been thought of by chinese scientists and it’s the feeling of know the pressure to put on each leg as you walk to keep yourself balanced and not fall down. That as well is a sense. Feelings have many reactions towards the body, from crying to being sick due to anger or sadness. This sense creates events in your body that occur due to that sense. so i believe there are more then just the 5 and that all are sense.

  17. Lupe Says:

    1. HEAR
    2. SMELL
    3. TASTE
    4. TOUCH
    5. SIGHT


  18. Charles Says:

    I belive that certain indivduals have a various amount of senses. Depending on what that person has been subjected to during their childhood and the environment they grow up in; or what their physical and mental abilities are will determine what senses they have.
    Here are the senses I think people may obtian during their youth;
    (standard sense)
    1. Hear
    2. Smell
    3. Taste
    4. Touch
    5. Sight
    (sense which could be learned)
    - Sense of Balance
    - Sense of time
    - Sense of surrounding (some people can sense when they are being watched, or someone is behind them)
    - Sense of humour

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