You born, grow teeth, go to school, finish Tawjihi and then die. This is you life line in Jordan. I’ve just had it… Why do people give Tawjihi so much of importance? Some people kill themselves over it, and other kill for it.

This is what happened recently in some area of Amman, where five students stabbed there friend because he refused to help them cheat at the exams.

Well… I am going to send Mr. George W. Bush an email asking him to liberate Jordan from the Tawjihi Terrorist attacks. I will ask him to bomb our schools to rebuild a new modern school.

Dear Mr. Khalid Toukan, when are you going to end this nightmare? Don’t you think that the Tawjihi system is now incompetent, unfair and useless?

Tawjihi does not teach our kids any values except the value of marks. Kids do not learn the value of science. The system does not satisfy their passions. The system kills creativity and innovation. You don’t teach science, you teach how to collect marks.

People of Jordan, when you going to wake up? Does your kids life worth 96% in Tawjihi? Is it the end of the world if your kid failed in Tawjihi? How about your kids do not apply for tawjihi at all!! There are other alternatives in life for your kid to choose from.




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10 Responses to “People of the world… Save Jordan for Tawjihi…”

  1. Hussein Says:

    i just can’t believe the comments there..! those sick people.

  2. Saned Says:

    I love the caricatures!

  3. Mohanned Says:

    Don’t you think that it is a little bit extreme to blame the exam for this crime! I don’t know why people are still crying about tawjihi!

    But again whats up with the comments on alarabiya!

  4. Hala Says:

    OMG the comments are sick! Some people have turned it into a Palestinian-Jordanian issue. And others are saying that it is okay because the 5 kids HAD to fail the Tawjihi since the guy they killed did not help them cheat … Well how about studying to pass?

    I do tink the Tawjihi better prepares students for the real world unlike the high school system in the US for example. However, it has flaws and they need to be fixed.

    When 46% pass and some people kill themselves or are killed over it, then something is terribly wrong.

  5. tareq Says:

    I think tht Tawjihi itself isnt a bad idea, the bad idea is making it the MAJOR Crossroad in an 18 yr old guy or girl!! they are a bit young to take the burden of thinking about what would life be if they took the wrong turn at that crossroads,, and worse of tht is the notion of being FORCED or Obliged to take the WRONG turn!!

    Tawjihi should stay, but the consequences should change, i mean: Why the Ministry of Education fools the families, schools and students by cancelling the principle of Failure in low grades ( el naja7 el telqa2ee) till the student is in 10th grade?!! ya3ni bi6a3moo el walad o ahloh maglab bi6la3 min ras_hom…MA SHA2 ALLAH el Walad naja7 bil madraseh!!!! ya salam 3laikom! mish 3arfeen inno ma bi3raf tholth el thalatheh kam!
    then comes the Tawjihi… like a big sweeping machine,, i guess the failure rates refelcts the Failure of the ministry of education (MOE)and its weak system!
    For me, if i am a teacher and give my students a lesson about somthing, then asked them about it and only half answered right,, i will first recheck myslef to see if i was delivering the data correctly! if i changed my style and methods and re-run the test and found different results, then its unlikly tht the students are wrong,, its me who is wrong…
    Now, MOE constantly had around 50% failure rates in Tawjihi along 25 yrs… this means tht they have never bothered to ask the annoying question :Why?!
    they had one asnwer READY to be said: students are not studying hard enough!!!
    i wanna talk more abt tht,, but the blog is not enough!!!!
    :( bottom line is: Our students failure is caused by the same system tht made others Excell!! what does this means? the system is Malfunctioning at some points!!

  6. HERO Says:

    i hate my life coz iam tawjihi
    lama el wa7ad e9eer tawjihi bten8aleb kooooooooooooooooool 7ayato ahlak behtamo feek kteer bs asher b 2e9ba3ak
    o 6ab3an men el ‘9′3e6 ele 7awalak ma r7 te3raf todoros :( o r7 tektashef mawaheb kteer :P
    bet9eer t’3ane o trsom o te3mal ashya2 ‘3ala6 kteeeeeeeeeer…..!!!!!
    anywayz wish me gd luck and 4 all tawjihi

  7. nada Says:

    The problem about tawhiji isn’t just it gives you a headache or even temporary mental illness but at the same time it determines your future. I for example have a true story that I would like to share with all readers. I have a relative that always dreamed of majoring in engineer; however, he achieved three points lower than the accepted grade for that particular major. Due to the fact he achieved lower than the accepted grade for that major, his entire dream or future he dreamed of was destroyed and put down the drain. An entire semester already passed by and he’s still undecided. It really hurts when you dream of something your entire life and than one stupid test destroys everything.

  8. dana Says:

    there is a huge number of students that graduate from school every year,and we have few universties, so instead of biulding new ones we have an EXTRA EXTREME hard exam to keep kids away from universties, so that is it tawjihi solved the equation ! the whole education system is corrupted.that is my openion.

  9. Ekram Omari Says:

    Thank you !!! you are so so right , I know , because I’m a “tawjihi” student now .. it’s killing me .. and every time they want to make a good change , they just change their minds !! I believe that they should make a vote for it , and let students choose , but i’m sure they won’t . very depressing !! :(

    not fair .

  10. Fadi Sa3adeh Says:

    In my opinion, it is not so hard to pass but still it is corrupted… you cannot achieve your dreams if you were even 0.1 grade lower than requested. also, half of the students do no get into universities due to the lack of free seats and worst of all if someone fails at Tawjihi people look down to him and think that they’re stupid, this is a country were talents are not allowed to be shown, it’s like they seal our talents and do not give us the right to choose what do we do in our life, okay some people can get the highest of marks but they’re few, and the pressure our families, friends and even strangers put on us, makes it worse, they make us hate studying more and more… not to mention how they scare the hell out of you about how hard the exams can be.

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