If you ask me NOW what you really would like to do, I would immediately answer “I wanna open a carpentry workshop” not just because I really like handworks. But I also felt that there is a big need for an engineering eye to handle this craftsmanship.

The story begins when I had to make a kitchen for my new apartment. For financial reasons I couldn’t go to those kitchen companies. So we’ve decided to ask a carpenter to do the job for us. I opened sketch up and did a quick design for the kitchen. Then I took the drawings to the carpenter and he started to work on it. He just handled the wood works and I had to deal with the other accessories. To tell you the truth, I always enjoy going around, looking and searching for hardware and stuff or exploring new markets.

Today he started to fix the kitchen at the apartment; I was so stressed and worried. Not because 60% of what I asked is not been done. But because I was afraid that Shoruok “my wife” will not be happy. I know that there a lot of uneven edges and bad implementation. But I’ve tried to minimize as much as possible.

What I really wan to say is that in this market, it so hard to get what you want. It is so hard to get a neat job and you don’t have much of options. But in the other side, comparing the amount of money I spend, it would be great if I got 60% of what I wanted. “el 7amdolelah 3ala kol she”

The kitchen in not finished yet. So I am going to post the pictures after it’s finished. But meanwhile you can take a look to my sketch up design.




Finally, I would really like to take the chance and thank my wife for all the efforts she made, and handling all the hard work by her self.

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5 Responses to “I wish to be a carpenter !!!”

  1. Adel Says:

    I think you have an understanding wife. If my father did that to my mother, he would be dead!

  2. Isam Says:

    i think u should have went to all the kitchen companies … see what they have got … ask them all to give u designs (they do that for free) … then u compile the best ideas you have and give them to a really good carpenter … the result would be just awesome and for less than half the kithcen companies price …

    i did that for our house we completed recently … but my father got some serious discount from some company and we got it from them … using the design that i compiled …

  3. salam Says:

    Oft..If only I could be a carpenetr too..I am trying to stop myself from writing a post about the lack of finesse in carpeneter’s and other workers work, I am about to go crazy from all the things I ask for and dont get done..If I could get a penny for every time I said to a carpenter this line is not straight enough or this edge is not neat enough, I’d be a millionaire..I have to write this post..I will write this post..it might help release the tension!!lol..good luck with your kitchen..Oh..and by the way..I went to a semi fancy kitchen place, and after they finished my work turned out they subcontract your work to an ordinary carpenter..so don’t feel bad, you’re not missing out on anything!!

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    Adel: Walla ya khook mothdar konet

    Isam: ya 7′ook lo ma3i masari ma sa2alet… bas hat lagi najjar ibn 7alal

    Salam: I think this the curse for all architects, besharafi ya Salam i could do a better JOB than those who got 30 years of experience in carpentry. Sara7a ma3′looooool

  5. salam Says:

    Tell me about it, Wa’el..!!!my husband and I are going crazy every day, our house is a workshop that never ends!!

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