We will miss you Abdali!!

July 24th, 2007

The town is in a miss now. No one knows where to go; people are suddenly found themselves forced to go to a different and new place to take a bus or a cab. They need time to adapt even though everyone knew about the change in bus terminal location from a long time ago, but no one expected to be lost and confused like this. No one wanted for this to happen. Everyone lived in denial.

Al AbdaliThe Abdali that we are going to miss

Al Abdali was not only a bus terminal. It was a culture, a life inside the city. It was a history. Every one in Amman has a special memory in the Abdali. It was a welcoming piazza for all travelers who come to Amman. Maybe students of Yarmouk University and Techno will agree on this with me.

I can’t believe that I am not going to see those corn and beans carts, or I want be able to go to one of those kiosks and ask for boiled coffee. What will happen to those people? What will happen to the heart of Amman…? A living area which was developed over 40 years is simply gone in one day. My Mom asked “What will happen to Friday Market which she used to go there every weekend.

abdali_google.jpg This image is going to be changed on Google earth soon

I saw the new North Terminal center. Regardless of the design, I found it so dry and defensive. Instead of having it in an open flat area where it can be easily accessed from all areas, it was placed on a high platform where a huge wall faces the Jordan Street. The designer of the new transportation hub just ignored 40 years of living habits and culture, ignored the people and just designed the place for busses and taxies. Where is the culture?? I guess we will wait for another 40 years to have a new one.

Abdali future projectI wounder what kind of people or culture that we are going to replace? I don’t think they are going to be the same!!

Dear Maier;
It is so easy to wipe out a culture in one day, but it so hard to recreate one. A spontaneous lifestyle and culture is always going to be different than a created artificial one. No architect or designer will help you to do so.

I don’t know what to say except that I am going to miss Al Abdali. It is now becoming a story for my kids to tell.

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8 Responses to “We will miss you Abdali!!”

  1. University Update - Google - We will miss you Abdali!! Says:

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  2. Isam Says:

    a yarmouk students myself … i have memories in Abdali for sure … but i am totally with the move … downtown is changing … for the better i hope …

    but regarding the friday market … this is sad i think it will dissappear …

  3. Yazan Ahhqar Says:

    i Hope we don’t also miss the old down town in the near future.

  4. Hussein Says:

    even for visitors coming from Syria & Lebanon.. they were landed at alabdali, were they could rent an apartment, stay at hotel for couple of nights, buy some books from Amman publishing houses’ center, have some coffee after a heavy lunch..

    the idea of North always makes me excited to visit albadali and see the people there..

    you can see the most beautiful ammani mosque, next to an old church.. you can pass-by abdali all the day wherever you go in Amman.. really, i miss you abdali..

  5. Luca Says:

    I transited through Al Abdali a few days before the end of last millennium, heading to Palmyra. Lots of time passed since, but when I saw the pic I said: hey, I also was there! Wow, memories from far away…

  6. mais az. Says:

    The title brought lots of memories back 2 my mind , the Friday market was a rich phenomena , it was a colorful community n the middle of lifeless boxy edges, I sensed the beauty of the market experience the 1st time n my 3rd year design course n Architecture under the supervision of Dr.Sakr, we investigated the zones , the colors’ patterns & even the diff spatial dimensions of the verbal expressions used by ppl while promoting 4 their goods ,it was the 1st design experience with Dr.Sakr so we were less than 50% fahmeen wht z behind this analysis @ that time but it was so funny & enjoyable 2 frequently visit the market, it was like a real Friday festival ,,, & then 2 years later i was involved n suggesting an alternative approach 2 the terminal area as the subject of my Grad. proj. later n 2005,,,one full year with lots of memories , experiencing the place as a user looking 4 the right bus & standing n the row where spontaneous socialization occurs “especially between students”…walking around the sidewalks n morning, noon & evenings… attending the market b4 its opening, during the opening @ the end of the working day… catching the terminal events frm the neighbors’ roofs , balconies, stairs & empty side cuts, i even remember one day ppl n the terminal get crazy when someone spot a girl n the roof of al 9aye3′when we were busy taking a panoramic view n action !! … I’m going 2 miss this place so much..

  7. Dgil Says:

    Is the Abdali’s market already closed now ? Does it moove ? What happen with it ? I heard that they will do a park on the past terminal place, to create a continuum with the abdali’s project of “new downtown” (as they say…) Do somebody see the project ? Who will do it ?

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Dgil: you can find more about the new Abdali project in this site http://www.abdali.jo/

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