“Kat Ahmar” or Red Line is a new series created by sha3teely. The series aims to criticize the realty in the Arab world and highlight some problems and issues that we all need to work on. Each episode is a very short conversation between two characters, Ekhs and Abu Khnaneh. The first episode introduces the name of the series in some form of a dialogue.

I hope you enjoy and expect more soon…

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6 Responses to “Khat Ahmar | a new sha3teely production”

  1. rami m. Says:

    nice one, bas alla youstor

  2. super devoika Says:

    emmm…. can’t wait to see more…
    emphasis on rami’s “bas alla youstor”

  3. Isam Says:


    3ala ra9e gaz9′ara …

  4. Tololy Says:

    Awesome! Good luck Wael, I loved the characters!

  5. Omar Says:

    very nice wael , best of luck brother

  6. Mazz Says:

    allah yustor fi3lan! can’t wait for more
    keep up the good work

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