Well… After seeing Roba and Ahmad’s changes on there blog, I got jealous and decided to change my blog layout too. Why not!!

30 min design and 6 hours of code work, I managed to do this new look for my blog. I still need to work more on the side bar… Also I still need to work on the differences between ie browser and firefox.

The new header is an image of a clay work representing me, you will find in my flickr collection more of these images.

For now am tiered of typing cods and need to have a rest.

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24 Responses to “SHA3TEELY 2.0 | a new design for my blog”

  1. Dar Says:

    Awwww thats really nice , the mixture of the navy & orange is smart , and i like that guy in the header where did u get him from ……. bs 3anjad i like it , well done !
    Cheerz !

  2. Khalidah Says:

    I love the new design .. so creative and the colors are so nice
    Well done

  3. Lina Says:

    very nice and very original ;) I love it!!

    Well now I’m jealous of all of you redesigning blogs but mine will have to wait till I graduate… if I could find 6 spare hours then its the graduation project that’s in desparate need of them right now :(

  4. jameed Says:

    i like

  5. Karim Says:

    this is great. i love it. you’ve been always a top notch designer!

  6. Jad Says:

    yan3i howa ana el 7azeet eli ma ba3raf a3mal good header! agolak I’ll design new header with zahri and akhdar!

  7. Sabri Hakim Says:

    ya meet mabrook, looks wonderful.

  8. Sabri Hakim Says:

    ya meet mabrook, looks wonderful.

  9. Natasha Says:

    I like:-) very nice design Sha3teely;-)

  10. Ibrahim Says:

    Very nice header …

  11. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    I love the design, it’s very clean and casual. Keep it up!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    na3iman… =)

  13. Ajnabeeyeh Says:

    It looks great, Wael! Ok, tell me what are the things I need to do to make my blog look decent on IE? I use Firefox and it looks just fine there ( Hellllp!!

  14. Ameen Malhas Says:

    Love it. Esp the clay figurine.

    Good Luck.

  15. promises Says:

    Nice new look.Mabrook!

  16. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you all, my head sar ba66e7′a

    Anyway.. Amanda I saw your blog on ie, I have to tell you am not expert in codes, but I think one of your articles which is “More on Amman ” seems to push and expand the content div to the right which makes the side bar div float down. Try this, go to that post and go to the html editor and try to remove all the tags you have there and keep only the article text. If its not working try to reset the theme you have from blogger..

    by the way DAR i made this clay man :) its made in jordan

  17. nasimjo� Says:

    Syntax Guys creativity is refreshing ;)

  18. Dar Says:

    Yaw Yaw Yaw , intresting , ya zalameh it works as a character for a TV show or something ……. its so very professional :) !
    Cheerz !

  19. Firas Says:

    Ya zalameh the colors are nice,they do match, and the theme is original!
    I mean eshi Tage3!
    Very creative!

    Mumkin Shoot ya khook?

  20. asfour Says:

    One of the best Designers in Architecture.
    One of the best in drawing.
    One of the best in Cartoon Animation.
    One of the best as a story board artist.
    One of the best Graphic Designers.
    AND One of the best Web Designers.
    What can I say more??

  21. Arrabi Says:

    Nice job 3attili. You never sieze to surprise me.

  22. lulu Says:

    Wael - you will always be one of the most creative people I know!
    Sweet redesign.

  23. Tololy Says:

    Absolutely fantastic. What’s the original blogegr template you had? I am curious.

  24. Wael Attili Says:

    Tololy, i used the same old one, but i changed some images colors and values template

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