Most of you might know from 360east post that Architect Rem Koolhaas has given us a lecture in Al Hussein Cultural Center. Well, I left the office in a hurry and my laptop was still open to watch an architectural icon talking to us face to face.

The organizers of the event used two halls for the lecture and connected them with a video conference system, which by the way took a great compliment from Rem him self.


The lecture was interesting and useful as expected. But also questions made by the attendance were also expected. I can summaries in general the types of questions into the following categories.

1- Too much philosophical questions
2- Show off or kissing ass questions
3- Stupid questions

But yet you can still have one or two good questions.

What amazed me is that the most important question which I am sure everyone in the hall was asking himself, was not being asked to the speaker. The question am talking about and I’ve heard so many times after the presentation was “why did he cam?” or “how did we bring him here?”


Anyway… I was so happy to see people from the architectural society which I had never seen for ages. Amazing how people can easily change from the outside. Life can really take you away from all people that you used to see everyday and your life is simply an intersection of more than one life.

I miss the old days, and I miss the architectural ego philosophical sick minded shit that we used to complain about.

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4 Responses to “The Rem Mania inside the architectural society”

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  2. super devoika Says:

    the two rooms thing sucked big time… especially that people upstairs saw his power point presentation slides with his voice in the background and not much of his facial expressions…
    I agree with the questions thing…
    I’m wondering as well… how and why was he in Jordan? why it wasn’t properly advertised? and why it had a vague theme… the invitation said nothing about the topic he to address…
    in any case… I was thrilled to meet the man himself… Koolhaas is one of the godfathers of Architecture… so it was great… despite all… =)

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    I totally agree with you devoika. I think the reason of doing it in two rooms because the theater had a bigger event almost at the same time. hopefully next time they do it in bigger place.

    also i have some guess about the reason why did he came to Jordan. I think Mr. Koolhass meet with Mr. Maani and his wife Archi. Mais Batayneh at the design forum in Dubia last month and i guess they invited him to visit Jordan. This is only a personal guess and it might be wrong….

  4. mais az. Says:

    I heard from two well-informed architects that he have taken a job n Amman, that z the designing of the new opera house of amman..

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