July 17th, 2005

Most of us have this thought about themselves.. Well, if you want my advice, don’t follow the carrot if its hanged over, because simply carrots can be found only on the ground and you have to dig to find it. Also you don??t have to carry too many things to catch a carrot, you need only a shovel for digging..

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4 Responses to “Working”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    haha :D i loved this one, its really say it all …

    have you heared of this expression “ta3leg aljazar” …
    when someone promise you to do somthing and you are sure 100 percent that he will never do it for you, we call this “3alglak jazarah” he hanged carrot for you …
    you can also hang carrots for yourself …

    these days everybody hang carrots for everybody :D
    creative idea :) i really liked your blog. looking forward to see more from your posts …

  2. Asfour Says:

    Nice one Sha3teely :)

  3. Muhammad Says:

    Nice cartoon… and please - change the profile picture. Put one from the school days. You look like a paid assassin in that one! :-)
    how come you don’t link to my blog!

  4. omar Says:

    nice work wael, actaully all ur ideas are creative best of luck 2 u brother

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