This is Amman not Baghdad

December 4th, 2005


I was going home from the office when I saw these posters. I just hate it when parliament candidates hang there ugly pictures on every wall, column and street sign all over the city and leaving it to kids and weather to vanish.. Now how about hanging posters for candidates from another country in our street? I remember last year government did not allow such acts like this. And even so Mr. Allawi, those walls belong to the Jordanian people not to anyone else. And if you would like to spread your campaign on the street at least rent one of those street billboards and keep those walls clean. Because I really don’t think you are going to care enough and remove those posters after the elections in Baghdad finish…

Note: I hope this message also go through people who are thinking to go for the next elections, please keep our city clean from your pretty fat faces and ugly mustaches.

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2 Responses to “This is Amman not Baghdad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s one thing to express your opinion, but it’s another to be offensive. Please, show some kind of restraint.

  2. MMM Says:

    Those same posters and others like it are all over Edgware Rd in London.
    So if they made it to England, I think Jordan would be so much easier.

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