Now Jordan is on the world map. Thanks to the efforts of the Nabataeans and the efforts of all the people who voted for it. But now after we made it, what is the next step?

One the most important thing that we should really work hard is to promote and brand Petra well. There is a huge amount of people on the world thinks that Petra is part of Israel simply because they promote it better than us.

The second issue that we should face and work on, is to develop the local people who are working on Petra and help them to be more friendly and globally aware of how they can run a successful business.

Spending more money on developing the infrastructure is not a bad idea. Enhancing the visitor experience is very important. Having more creative ideas and more thrilling and exacting journey throughout the city is really important.

Also I believe the management of Petra site should work continuously on creating more cultural events, probably on a daily or weekly basis.

At the end, I hope all these efforts are going to be utilized properly and not to see only an increase on prices.

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5 Responses to “Petra made it… Now what to do?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Good points. Jordan does an OK job with its tourism, but it still is lacking in some major areas. If we are going to rely on tourism as a major source of income, we’d better get serious about addressing the lacking areas.

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    i totally agree Dave

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  5. David Says:

    I just visited Petra this weekend and I would say they are doing a horrible job. They need to get some control of the park. Here are some of the things I saw:
    1) Animal Cruelty - Little children beating there animals senselessly for no reason. One boy was sitting on his donkey on the side of the road repeatedly whipping it in the face. The donkey was actually letting out cries of discomfort. The boy kept beating it. Unfortunately this is only one example.
    2) Beggars - I understand this on the streets of India but inside a world heritage site that I just paid over 30 dollars to enter? Ridiculous. Many of the children follow you for 5 minutes or more (grabbing for you sunglasses, camera, etc.)
    3) Animal feces - Either clean up or don’t allow so many animals.

    This atomosphere of this site should be an embarrasment to all Jordanians.

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