I was shocked this morning when I saw tens of emails on my inbox coming from my school e-group. It was big news that one of the doctors who were arrested in London was a Jubilee School graduate. Most of them were shocked and sad. They could not believe the news as most of them knew this guy personally.

Here is what the CBS News wrote

Mohammed Asha seems a very unlikely terrorist, reports CBS News correspondent Sheila MacVicar. And although he has not yet been charged, there are suggestions that he is central to the plot to blow up two massive car bombs in the heart of London last Friday, and that he may be closely linked to the two men who attacked Glasgow airport on Saturday.

Asha was arrested along with a 27-year-old woman, believed to be his wife, as they drove on a major highway in Cheshire, in northwest England, in a joint swoop by officers from London and Birmingham.

Interviewed by CBS News at his home in Amman, Jordan, Asha’s father said his son attended The Jubilee School in Amman, an elite high school initially founded by Jordan’s Queen Noor in 1984 for children who show great academic promise. He graduated with straight A’s in 1998.

Asha graduated from Jordan University’s medical program in the summer of 2004 — at the top of his class — and then moved to Birmingham with his family, where he continued his medical studies. He was most recently a resident neurosurgeon at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, in northern England.

CBS News confirms that in 2004 the current head of al Qaeda in Iraq was instructed by then-head Abu Musab al-Zaraqawi to recruit these people to move to the West and easily integrate until time came to strike.

CBS News has found a posting dated Feb. 20, 2006, by someone using the name Mohammed Asha, of Jordanian nationality, on an Islamic Internet chat forum. Referring to a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed published by European newspapers, the post reads: “We have had to put up with you in the West for a long time. But now, after you insulted our prophet, we shall not forgive you.”

The posting was found on a forum that did not appear to represent or be a regular platform exclusively for extremist view points.

An earlier statement posted online, signed by a “group of intellectuals,” expresses support for the resistance in the Palestinian territories and condemns some Palestinian officials for calling it “terrorism”. The name of Mohammed Asha appears among the signatories. The statement, found on the website of the al-Shaab newspaper, is dated July 19, 2002.

Read the full Article.

I also want to post the reactions of Asheh’s friends and colleagues in the school who knew him personally.

I imagine the news I just posted not only stressful to us as Jubilee grads and I strongly hope and suspect this will turn out to be a
mistake on the part of the authorities involved. I can also imagine this is very stressful to the family of this Jubilee student, as he’s been arrested. We should definitely keep their feelings in mind as we learn more or discuss this issue. I’m not sure what can be done at this moment to help his family or support them, perhaps others have an idea.
Abdelqader Sumrein

I had a call few hours ago from a none-jubilean living abroad asking me if I knew the guy!!! People already are linking this issue to The Jubilee School, and that defiantly is not good at all.
My 1st reaction when I heard the news was “I would not imagine that somebody that smart, who dedicated his life to become a doctor (a neurosurgeon) and save lives will do such a thing”…
Now after I saw the pictures, I remembered the guy… he was a very calm gentle young man. I remember him to be very nice and helpful, defiantly there is something wrong, but I can not claim to know where!!!
Really frustrating,
Ashraf Al-Dabbas

I’m ashamed to state that I had absolutely no idea of this, and was definitely shocked by the news. Wish I had some ideas to show support for him and his family, but my mind doesn’t seem to want to work properly right now.
They will definitely be in our prayers, and I hope we can do something more.
With him not being charged of anything, I hope Jordan will be able to settle this as soon as possible.

I’m sure what happened is a very big big mistake!!! .. it can never be true at all!
mohammad asha is the one of the most respected students in the patch, i mean he is very gentle, hard worker, committed and funny friend.. he had never been a trouble maker or something, his wife marwa da3nawas one of the jubilee school students also in our classtoo..she is very peacful and was a very best friend of mine,, everyday she sends me forwards via email .. the last email I got from her was before 4 days .. it was a beautiful forward email about profit mohammad,,they both are educated and loving ..especially marawa she has a very kind heart .. they will never think of hearting children and civilians .. they are simply JUBILEANS!!!
they have a very cute little child he is 2 years old only .. i wonder where is this child now? ..it’s very hard since Iʼve heard that they are both arrested. so where is the child? ..that is a disaster!! … as a mother i know very well what does it mean to leave your child and don’t know where he is?
what is happening now is unfair!. Mohammad is dedicated to his family..work..science..he got 98 in tawjihi..the first student in medicine with 3.9 ..do you think this kind of student can ever heart anyone?? i’m really very upset ..i couldnʼt sleep yesterday. .it’s really unfair to cut those two young people dream from the middle.. i mean they don’t deserve that ..
may allah help them both in these situations.. i really don’t know what can we do for them.. but for now i’m sure that allah will help them and the truth will certainly reveal so soon
Tahani Khatib

I’ve been living in the UK for the past 4 years and I guess Mo’ and his wife have a sabstance for the media to write about … they have a family, the guy has pictures with the royal family in Jordan and he’s one of the smartest of the guys they arrested, so him and his wife made a perfect story to be sold …
Unfortunately I don’t know the guy so well but from what I recall he was always a peaceful guy who cared most for his studies and his success so far prooves it!

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8 Responses to “A Jubilee School Graduate was among those doctors who were arrested in London as suspect of the Bombing Attacks”

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  2. Hareega Says:

    most people who knew him were shocked by the news, he could have changed after he left to the UK

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Hareega I was shocked too; i even know his wife.. she is my colleague’s sister Romanda Da3na.. Alla yekon be3oon Ahlehom

  4. Rasha Hinnawi Says:

    I totally agree with you Tahani. They are very sweet peaceful couple and it is hard to imagine Mohammad is likely to do this. but the million dollar question remains unanswered: Where is their child!!? and would they ever go through a fair trial or this would put an unexpected end to the fabricated story??! Allah shall reveal the truth and reward them for their patience and their parents’ o allahu a3lam.

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  7. subzero Says:


    Can I ask you about the group email?
    I wanna join. Im class 2002 :)

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    Add to my Bookmarks )

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