Amazing Shot from Attil

June 19th, 2007

Call for Unity in Attilِ

Sha3teely is now proud to be from Attili. This amazing shot where taken from a small village called Attil near TulKarim. While the smocks are still going out from fires in Gazza, people of Attil have something else to say.

Although it’s so amazing to see this positive sprite coming out from that small village, But to tell you the truth, I think both Fateh and Hamas, leadership and fighters, have also one thing in common; They are both assholes, disgrace to the resistance and both are going to hell for raising weapons on each others.

This shot was found on ikbis

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4 Responses to “Amazing Shot from Attil”

  1. Yazan Al-Ashqar Says:

    ya hala be shabab 3ateel :)

  2. Ahmed Saidawi Says:

    salaam my brother… you are from Attil…walla nice..because I am from Saida village…near Attil & Eallar & Koforra3i…I think you know these villages….really nice to post that picture where it plant the hope in our heart, the hope of peace..

  3. enass Says:

    I am form Attil… :D
    thank you for the photo

  4. jehad Hijjah Says:

    Salaam Attilis

    I am from attil too , I was born in kuwait and I am living in dallas, TX in USA..pleased to know about attils allover the world , if you like e-mail mt at hotmail and we can keep in touch.

    stay in touch.



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