This is a call for action, this is the least we can do to honor the memory of our victims whom innocent lives were taken by betrayal. This is a clear message to all destructive minds telling them that we are going to win.

60 events in one day, each event is tribute to one of the victim, And a symbolic continuation of his/her dream, mission and legacy in life. The events can be a variety of cultural, educational and scientific activities. All events happen in one day, to transform our beloved city Amman into a busy beehive. A day is full of constructive ideas and positive actions. To say for everyone in the world, that we are much stronger now. And Amman is shinning again.

One man can bring an idea, two can embrace the idea, and three can make it happen. There is nothing impossible is just believe we can do it.

Who is welling to take part of this action? Who is welling to embrace there dreams?

As for me, am in.

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5 Responses to “60 events in memory of our victims”

  1. Roba Says:

    wonderful. Where do we find out more about this?

  2. manal yusuf Says:

    yes i would like to know seriuosly about it, i want to put a thousand hand in it too

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Well this is still an idea that needs to gather people around it. There is nothing planned yet… we just need to spread the idea and some day we gather people and talk about it… I need all the help that i can get to make this happen…

  4. manal yusuf Says:

    i have no idea’s till now to give out but i can help u more to do something under the name of Khalid Da3as or Lina Thnaibat,i would like to do something for them

  5. manal yusuf Says:

    n for everybody afcourse
    thanks u already for u effort its a great idea

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