Ok.. I am not that expert in marketing or advertising. But I really like this campaign that is being run now for Al Ghad newspaper. I found it’s messages provocative and it has a deep message inside it. Each one of those message tackles somehow a sensitive issue in Jordanian society.

The campaign says for example
- There is no “Wasta” in Jordan… learn more
- Jordanians always smile … learn more
- Jordanians do not like mansaf … learn more

Each one of these words builds an absurd questions in your mind and makes you wonder and feel that there is an answer somehow for the reason behind this question. I think this smart campaign should also had an effect over the content of the newspaper it self. The content needs to be more edgy and analytical rather than being only informative. I am neither a writer nor journalist. I am just a regular reader, and what I mean is that can we find really an article that tackle the Wasta issue in Jordan in a very honest and edgy way?

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11 Responses to “Smart campaign, smart messages”

  1. Abed Hamdan Says:

    smart, 3ajabooni

  2. Amr Says:

    To make things clear, they say: “Know More” not “Learn More”.

    becasue they are not going to say “Ya 7mar.. learn more!!” they want to let people to know more about jordanians ;)
    anyhow.. creative ones.. thanks to Mohd olayyan.

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Amr: Learn more is also used as “Know more” but thanks for your clarification.

  4. Hamzeh N. Says:


  5. Moey Says:

    I love it, Alghad are just smart

  6. Zeid Nasser Says:

    Very eye-catching in a crowded summer of campaigns.

  7. Basha Says:

    Brilliant. Changing the face of advertising in Jordan. We need more of this!

  8. restless Says:

    I like the idea of playing around some local facts, but till now i dont know what they want to say or lets say the main message:} i cant under stand the reason why they launch it !!!! specially after the reveler phase the whole thing still unclear enough, that’s why I think that there is something missing maybe a 3rd phase i don’t know!!, is a result this campaign is not mature enough to kick some asses

    thanks ..

  9. Roro Says:

    I didn’t understand the goal of all of this campaign ?!
    I mean “know more” about what ???!!

  10. Jazzz Says:

    the whole idea behind this ad when they say “know more”….is that whatever you hear on the street, do not believe it, read Al-Ghad to know the truth and know more….These characters resemble the people you hear things from all around….but not everything you hear is true….But Read Al-Ghad and you’ll know more ;)

  11. Says:

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