I’ve noticed recently that Baladna flavored milk package has a new look. After all these years, now we are kissing the old design goodbye. The old package has so many memories from childhood. It became part of my culture. “so sad” But as we all know, everything changes. And the time for a new package is now needed. Especially that there are lots of competitions in the market.

From a first look you would see that the graphics and colors of the new package were enhanced a bit. Gradient shades, 3d effect, eye candy imageā€¦. cool. But I felt that the designer “or the client” did not intend to have a total re-brand of the product. They wanted to keep the old spirit and to enhance the image only. This is why; in this case we did not see any new elements or colors in the new design, such as fresh fruits or glossy and shiny chocolate bar milting inside a flood of milk. Personally if I had the chance to change, I would do a total re-brand for the whole package.

Anyway, regardless of what the package looks like. I still love the strawberry flavored milk. This product will still be part of my life.

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2 Responses to “New look for Baladna flavoured milk packages”

  1. Ahmed Saidawi Says:

    thanks my brother…i liked the new shape and it looks so modern…i hope i can see it in Abu dhabi’s shop…then we can try the “Baladna” falvored milk…

  2. Ali Says:

    Wael …
    I think ana 3ndi edman on this !!
    every day since long years i drink one ” Baladna - choclate ” and sometimes i have an extra strawberry one!

    at work when people see me down, they start to tell me take the ” Jor3a ” man!! where they mean BALADNA !!

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