Unfortunately there is a big assumption among drivers in this country that speeding or crossing lines between cars is a cool thing or only skilled driver can do that. Also there is another assumption that if you follow rules and try to drive safe you will end up having lots of troubles in roads. So you better eat them before they eat you.

I just hate it when I see one of the coaster buses crossing the road in a crazy way. I had enough of taxi drivers stopping in the middle of the road to pick up a passenger. I really really hate it when a quick delivery van speeding in a tiny road. While you read on the back of the van “How do you see my driving?” well… it’s like shit.

People should understand that this kind of driving is not cool, smart or better in anyway. A cool driver is the one who cools his speed down. A smart driver is the one who follows the rules. A professional “skilled” driver is the one who keep all his senses alert while driving.

Now… to the confession part, I am not a perfect driver. I speed sometime. I do stupid stuff while driving and when I get pissed off I might do dangerous things… I feel so bad and ashamed about it. Especially when I jeopardize the life of the people who are sitting next to me and I feel so bad that I scared the shit out of them.

But from once and a while I always keep reminding my self that I need to be a good driver and try to drive safe. I believe that it’s part of our religious beliefs and ethics. Its also part of the civilized people lifestyle and I really would like to be considered as a civilized person.

Safe driving is cool… Save driving is smart
Be cool… be smart… be happy

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  1. Hussein Says:

    ok, i hate zowrabeh, and i hate slow cars as well.. i can’t hold my horses when i stop on a roundabout or a traffic signal.. i love to test my 0-100km/h in 7 seconds every time!

    note: if you don’t have a MB 320CE with 17″ 235/45 alloy wheels.. so don’t try it ever, and drive as the other turtles!! ;)

  2. kinzi Says:

    Well said, sha3teely. People die every day because others think they are cool. Funny how becoming a father changes perspective, right? Hey, to you have a car seat for Joo-joo?

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    indeed kinzi, being a father changed my whole perspective of life. and yes i have a car seat for Joon :)
    Hussein: if someone would like to test the thrill of speed, he should do it in an empty place where no other life can be in danger… :)

    a living turtle is better than a dead rabbit ;)

  4. Brian Says:

    There’s actually zero evidence that speed itself is the cause of most accidents… and ’speeding’ is not a legitimate construct, because it means going faster than a number that is arbitrarily set. It’s generally other factors that cause the accidents, which when combined with high speeds end up deadly. These factors are inattention, dangerous maneuvers, tailgating, and drunkenness. The government in the mean time will keep making up lies to justify the ticketing of motorists.

    Speeding isn’t ‘cool’, it’s just trying to get to your destination on time. I agree that street racing is generally quite stupid, but what needs to be the issue is making RECKLESS DRIVING socially unacceptable, not speeding responsibly.

    I’ve done 88 in a 55 mph zone, straight country highway, few people around, most doing 15 over already. Floored the rental car on an open country road, broad daylight, no one around. Probably over 90 in a 50. I didn’t endanger anyone. Yet if I were to do the speed limit in heavy rain, I’d be crazy. This whole ’speeding’ thing makes people pay too much attention to dumb numbers instead of common sense. Instead of ‘checking their speed’ when there’s a cop around, people should be paying more attention. The whole ’speed kills’ campaign probably kills more people than it saves.

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