It has been two days since I’m back from Berlin, the mother city of the 20th century architecture. For the first time Sha3teely visited Europe. I had a good time and I enjoyed the advanced civilization and the open culture. It was so great to see a bus comes exactly as it is expected… It was also great to ride on a subway train. It was a pleasure to walk on the green grass or paved roads. I just loved the simple signs on the streets.

Sha3teely went to Berlin with 360east and the Syntaxers “Ahmad Sabbagh”. We attended the Typo2007 conference. The theme of the conference was about music and design. I was so exited and thrilled to see all the sessions. It was so amazing to see the man who designed the DAX font face to face. Or to see the man who designed the Revolver album cover of the Beatles.


Let me give you a list of things that I’ve learned during the conference.
- Passion is your road for success. You really need to love what you are doing.
- Designers should get their hands dirty. It’s really so important for designers to design things manually from time to time. Design is a craftsmanship too.
- Rules are important… but what the hick, who puts the rules. Have your own rules.
- Open your mind for experimentation… and then find how you can make it useful for others.
- We don’t have a design culture, but we need to build one.
- Design is not a job, it’s a life style.



There are more things that I’ve learned, not only in design… but also in life. The whole trip was inlighting for me. What makes me envy these people is that all of them follow the law, no one of them above the law. And when you pay your taxes you know the end it’s going to be for the best of all. To tell the truth, I don’t care about freedom or openness as much as I care about justice and equality. These things what makes a country worth for living.



We also should know that these people didn’t reach that level of modernity in an easy way. The story of Berlin is an example of how much people suffered after the World War II. The story of wall, rebuilding the city and the unification are legend stories from the 20th century. You don’t know how much I felt when I saw building designed by great architects such as Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto. We only see these things on book or magazines and we dreamed about them when we where student at university. It’s so great to see a dream come true.

At this point I really would like to thank SYNTAX and Ahmad Humeid for giving this chance. And I hope I could translate what I’ve learned into good work and share with the rest of the team.

During 6 days I took over 600 photos for Berlin… Ill try to upload as many as I can to my ikbis account soon.

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7 Responses to “Sha3teely… Back from Berlin “Zusammen oder getrennt””

  1. Hussein Says:

    welcome back wael, its a great conclusion about your visit to Berlin, in the same time, its so sad to see our Arabian cities below the minimum line of justice, equality, and freedom.. i dont know if we should blame our selfs, our people or our rulers!

    it’s really terrible when i think in our situation! i dont know why i always remember the baby-foot game!

    Nochmals, Willkommen zurück in Amman mein Freund!

  2. Lina Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections from the trip :) the photos are beautiful, can’t wait to see more!

  3. manal y Says:

    hey welcome back :)
    everything about this post i enjoyed readng it, and about the design part i cant agree with u more than i already do, but i would like to add “always try to be diffrent”

    im glad u had a good time/experience :)

  4. Nizar Says:

    welcome back sha3teely :)
    I have been to Berlin 2 years ago and I recognize the places that you have taken photos in.

    I have to agree with you on “I don’t care about freedom or openness as much as I care about justice and equality.”

    waiting to see your photos on Ikbis :P

  5. Tololy Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Throw more at us!!

  6. Ahmad Humeid Says:

    Thanks for this great post. It was great to go with you guys to Berlin.. :)

  7. Gary Gluon Says:

    In the west, we understand that you can’t have justice and equality without freedom and openness. Otherwise how do you expose the injustice and inequality? How do you change it? In western societies we do it by trying to convince others that there is a better or more just way. But, if you can’t even open your mouths to make the argument…

    Unfortunately, you live in countries where the rulers feel freedom and openness is a threat to them. You can’t say that getting rid of your monarchs or dictators will improve life in your countries. You can’t say that curtailing the power of the religious establishment will make people freer and happier. Threaten the power of those in charge and you’ll feel the heat.

    That’s why the American’s have Freedom of Speech as the very first of their Bill of Rights. It is the most important right because it will allow you to protect your other rights. Unfortunately, Germans and other Europeans have been passing speech codes and hate speech laws that prevent people from speaking out about controversial issues. They think free thought and free speech aren’t as important as everybody getting along and agreeing to the approved consensus opinion.

    I would not be too enamored of the German or European systems. They don’t trust their own people.

    Oh, and by the way, nice blog!

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